Michigan Beats Rain, Chips 41-17

An hour long rain delay couldn't throw the Wolverines off stride as they polished off the Chips of Central Michigan -- setting the stage for the Big Game against Notre Dame in South Bend next Saturday.


Michigan took the opening kickoff att he U-M 37, helped by a fask mask penalty. Michigan went on a workman-like drive, going 63 yards in 12 plays and 4 first downs, Mike Hart took it in from the 5 at the 9:35 mark. The key play: a 4th down pass to Mario Manningham from the CMU 26 to the 18.

Michigan 7, CMU 0

Central Michigan returned the kickoff to the U-M 38. The Chips made two first downs, including a 26 yard run to the U-M 14. But U-M got a sack and forced a fumble, which bounced backwards and was recovered by U-M at the U-M 49 at the 7:00 mark.

Michigan went three and out, and punted.

Central took that ball at their own 14 at the 4:57 mark and went three and out.

Michigan returned the punt from the U-M 43 to the CMU 42. Then there was thunder and the game was delayed for 30 minutes. Once back on the field Michigan went 5 plays for the score, on an 18 yard run by Mike Hart. Key play: CMU stopped U-M on a 4th down play at the CMU 19, but went offsides - and U-M scored on the next play.

Michigan 14, CMU 0


Central took the ensuing kickoff to the CMU 18, and three plays later fumbled it ... Michigan recovered at at the CMU 33.

Six plays later Kevin Grady ran it in from the 3 at the 12:24 mark.

Michigan 21, CMU 0

CMU took the ensuing kickoff at their 20, and struck fast. In seven plays the Chips struck for a TD on a 38 yard touchdown pass at the 10:23 mark.

Michigan 21, CMU 7

Breaston returned the kickoff from the 9 to the U-M 38 yard line. Michigan got three first downs, then stalled at the CMU 21. Garrett Rivas kicked a 38 yard field goal at the 5:41 mark.

Michigan 24, CMU 7

CMU returned the ensuing kickoff form the 1 to the CMU 45 yard line. CMU goes three and out though.

Michigan started at their own three at the 3:40 mark, and went three and out as well.

CMU returned the U-M punt to the U-M 42, then got a first down, stalled, and kicked a 29 yard field goal.

Michigan 24, CMU 10


CMU took the kick return to the U-M 47, then got a first down to the U-M 37 before turning the ball over on downs at the U-M 49.

Michigan took the ball at their own 49 yard line. Steve Breaston ran the ball to the 25, and four plays later Mike Hart ran it in from the 2 at the 10:28 mark, for his third TD.

Michigan 31, CMU 10

CMU took the ensuing kickoff at their 20 and went three and out.

Michigan took the ball at their 32 at the 8:59 mark, and got one first down, then punted.

Central took the ball at their own 20, and lost 11 yards in a 3 and out.

Michigan took the ball at their 46 at the 4:54 mark and, after getting two first downs, Garrett Rivas kicked a 40 yard field goal at the 1:15 mark.

Michigan 34, CMU 10


Michigan took the ball at their 14, got one first down, then punted.

U-M punter Zoltan Mesko boomed a 53 yard punt (all in the air) to the CMU 10. On the 3rd play CMU threw an interception to U-M backup linebacker Max Pollock who returned it for a touchdown at the 11:41 mark.

Michigan 41, CMU 10

CMU returned the ensuing kickoff 32 yards to the CMU 36. Going against the U-M substitutes (Jeremy VanAlstyne, Brandon Harrison, Max Pollock, Brandon Graham, Steve Brown, Anton Compbell, Hood, Brandon Harrison, Chris Richards, Brandon Logan, Johnny Thompson, Marquis Walton, David Patterson if we saw the jersies correctly), CMU drove 54 yards in 9 plays for the touchdown at the 7:54 mark.

Michigan 41, CMU 17

Johnny Sears took the ensuing to the kickoff U-M 32. Playing some subs (Jeremy Cuilla, Mark Ortmann, Andre Criswell), U-M went three and out, and Mesko punted it 45 yards.

CMU went three and out.

Johnny Sears fielded the punt at the U-M 15. With many subs in (Jason Forcier, Jerome Jackson, Justin Schifano, Brian Thompson, Mister Simpson, David Moosman, Carlos Brown, Greg Mathews), Michigan ran out the clock to end the game.


First Downs: U-M 23, CMU 14
Turnovers: U-M 0, CMU 3
Total Offense: U-M 382, CMU 159
Yards Rushing: U-M 252, CMU 14
Yards Passing" U-M 134, CMU 188
3rd down conversions: U-M 3-13, CMU 3-13
Chad Henne: 11-19 for 133 yds.
Mike Hart: 19-116 yards and 3 TD's
U-M recovered 2 fumbles, had one interception, and had 4 sacks (2 by Lamarr Woodley).

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