Michael Williams: Change wrt ND/U-M Game

Ventura St. Bonnies CB Michael Williams is one of Michigan's top two cornerback recruits (along with instater Ronald Johnson). Williams has Notre Dame and Michigan as his top two, and the game this weekend is the perfect opportunity to come and see his top two, in person, in action -- a great chance to sit in the stands and see who he ends up rooting for ... right?

Cornerback Michael Williams (5-11, 190), Scout.com's #56 prospect, is a top player from those talent-rich 'valley suburbs' north of Los Angeles. However, he is looking hard at two Midwestern schools to play his college ball: Notre Dame and Michigan.

Williams had been planning to make it to South Bend this weekend to be hosted for an unofficial visit by Notre Dame. So on Wednesday evening GoBlueWolverine checked with him about this.

Are you going to Notre Dame this weekend for the U-M/ND game?

"No. My game this Friday is away, and I can't make it to the airport in time to catch the red-eye."

The big question: who are you going to be rooting for, Notre Dame or Michigan?

"I'm trying to look at the game neutrally ..."

Will the outcome of the game effect your decision?

"At this time I don't want to say anything in either direction. I'm not sure if the outcome will have an effect on my decision or not."

And Williams offered his point of view on the game:

"... but the outcome of the game depends on the special teams."

GoBlueWolverine note: anyone following U-M this season has seen the Wolverines' weakness against kickoff returns. GBW has pointed this out on its "Good and Bad" articles. See more in the upcoming "Tale of the Tape" article.

Are you planning on still visiting Notre Dame?

"Yes. I'm going to the Notre Dame versus Stanford game."

Are you planning on attending a Michigan game this season?

"Yes. Coach English (Michigan defensive coordinator Ron English, who recruits Southern Calif. for U-M) wants me to come to the Michigan versus Michigan State game, but I'm still working out all the details."

How is your season going so far for you and your team?

"It is going so-so, we have two wins (versus no losses) but I feel like I could be doing more out there on the field. I'm really working to do my best for when we play our rival in two weeks."

Readers can guess who that "rival" is: Westlake Village Oaks Christian, featuring none other than the hopelessly-hyped Jimmy Clausen, running back Marc Tyler, and DB/LB Marshall Jones. Both teams St. Boneventure and Oaks Christian are ranked in the top ten high school teams nationally ... the Protestants vs. the Catholics, it'll be a monumental battle.

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