Michigan Doesn't Let Up (Game Drives, Stats)

The Wolverines went into Notre Dame Stadium, and, instead of being intimidated or playing tight or conservative, opened up a commanding 20 point halftime lead, 34 to 14. The Wolverines did not let up in the second hald either, outscoring ND 13-7, for a final score of 47-21. Here are the drives, and game stats.

Michigan kicked off and Notre Dame downed it in the end zone. Brady Quinn threw an incompletion, then on second down threw a pass that was tipped, intercepted by Prescott Burgess (Quinn's first int of the season) and returned for a touchdown at the 14:19 mark.

Michigan 7, Notre Dame 0

Steve Breaston returned the punt from the 36 to the 50. And on the thrid play, Notre Dame returned the interception favor, picking off Chad Henne (Henne's first of the season) and returning the ball to the U-M 4 yard line. On the second play, at the 10:16 mark, Notre Dame scored.

Michigan 7, Notre Dame 7

Johnny Sears returned the kickoff from the 9 to the 28. Michigan went three and out, with Henne getting sacked on 3rd down.

Notre Dame took over at their 40 at the 7:44 mark, and went three and out.

The punt went for a touchback, Michigan got a first down to the 30 (the first of the game), and then Henne hit Manningham for a 69 yard TD at the 3:53 mark. The extra point was blocked.

Michigan 13, Notre Dame 6

Notre Dame fumbled the kickoff and Morgan Trent recovered at the Notre Dame 27. Michigan got a first down, then two ND penalties gave them another at the 2, and Hart scored at the 1:12 mark.

Michigan 20, Notre Dame 7


Notre Dame had a penalty on the kickoff and started at their own 7. Michigan stuffed the Irish, three and out.

Michigan took the punt at their 46 at the 13:50 mark. Michigan got two first downs, one on a 16 yard pass to Arrington, then scored on a 20 yard pass to Mario Manningham at the 11:26 mark. Notre Dame had 18 yards offense at this point, and no first downs.

Michigan 27, Notre Dame 7

ND took the kickoff to the 29, got one first down, their first, then punted.

Michigan returned the favor, getting one first down then punting.

Notre Dame took the ball at their 26 went three and out.

Breaston returned the punt at the 7:30 mark from the U-M 20 to the U-M 41. The Wolverines got three first downs, two on the ground, and Henne threw a 23 yard touchdown pass to Mario Manninghan at the 2:30 mark. First time since 1995 that ND has given up 3 TD passes.

Michigan 34, Notre Dame 7

Notre Dame took the kickoff to the U-M 28, got 4 first downs through the air, and scores on a 4 yard touchdown pass at the :20 mark.

Michigan 34, Notre Dame 14


Michigan 226 yards (165 passing, 83 rushing), Notre Dame 107 yards (85 passing, 22 rushing)

Quinn 20-20-85 and a TD.
Walker: 8 rushes, 21 yards

Henne: 8-12, 185 yards and 3 TD's
Hart: 17 carries, 66 yards
Manningham, 3 receptions, all for TD's, 111 yards.


Michigan started at their 19, got 1 first down, then punted. Ruben Riley went out limping, and first Cory Zirbel played RT, then Jeremy Ciulla came in at RG with Alex Mitchell moving to RT.

Manningham is also out at this point - he hurt his wrist going into the band on his last TD catch.

Michigan got one first down, then punted.

Notre Dame took the ball at their 33, and went 3 and out.

Michigan took the punt at their own 13 at the 10:55 mark. Riley is back in. Michigan got 1 first down, then punted.

Mesko kicked a 42 yard punt out of bounds to the Notre Dame 26 at the 8:46 mark. On Notre Dame's 3rd play, Alan Branch hit Quinn's arm and there was an interception by Burgess, his second of the game, at the Notre Dame 39, returned by Burgess to the Notre Dame 4.

Three plays later Garrett Rivas kicked a 20 yard field goal at the 5:20 mark.

Michigan 37, Notre Dame 14

Notre Dame returned the kickoff to their 30 yard line at the 5:11 mark. The Irish once again went three and out.

Following a face-mask penalty on the punt return, Michigan started at their 33 at the 4:00 mark. With that return Breaston broke the Big Ten career punt return record. Michigan got two first downs, both through the air (to Arrington and Manningham who came back in). The drive stalled at the Notre Dame 16, but Rivas kicked a 33 yard field goal as the quarter ran out.

Michigan 40, Notre Dame 14

There were no Notre Dame first downs in the third quarter.


Notre Dame started at their own 20, got 3 first downs, ten scored on a 28 yard TD pass at the 12:41 mark.

Michigan 40, Notre Dame 21

Michigan took the kickoff at their own 23 at the 12:32 mark. Michigan got a first down then punted from the U-M 49 at the 9:54 mark.

Ross Ryan punted the ball to the Notre Dame 12. Notre Dame got 2 first downs, then Leon Hall got U-M's 3rd interception at the Michigan 32 at the 7:10 mark.

Michigan went three about out, and punted.

Notre Dame took the ball at their own 24 at the 6:19 mark. ON the fth play, U-M sacked Brady Quinn who fumbled ... Lamarr Woodley scooped up the ball and ran it in for another U-M touchdown.

Michigan 47, Notre Dame 21.

And that was all she wrote.


Michigan gained 340 yards (120 rushing, 220 passing), Notre Dame gained 245 yards (241 passing and 4, yes 4, rushing).

Mike Hart rushed 31 times for 124 yards (4.0 yards per carry).
Darius Walker rushed 10 times for 25 yards.

Chad Henne was 13-22 for 22 yards, 1 int, and 3 TD's. He was sacked twice.

Brady Quinn was 24-48 for 234 yards, 3 ints and 3 TD's. He was sacked 3 times.

Notre Dame also fumbled the ball twice.

Steve Breaston had 6 receptions for 42 yards. Mario Manningham had 4 receptions, 3 for TD's.

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