Monday Presser Highlights & Audio - Week 4

Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr met with the media on Monday for his weekly press conference. He recapped the dominating 47-21 victory over Notre Dame, looked ahead to the Wisconsin game, discussed the impact of telvision timeouts on the length of games, and more. (Full transcript to come later).

Presser Audio

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Presser Highlights

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2006 Michigan Depth Chart  
Offense Defense
Flanker Defensive End
   15 Steve Breaston    56 LaMarr Woodley
   17 Carl Tabb    50 Jeremy Van Alstyne
   26 Alijah Bradley  

Left Tackle Nose Tackle
   77 Jake Long    67 Terrance Taylor
   71 Mark Ortmann    97 Will Johnson
       95 Marques Walton

Left Guard Defensive Tackle
   57 Adam Kraus    80 Alan Branch
   70 Jeremy Ciulla    97 Will Johnson

Center Defensive End
   54 Mark Bihl    91 Rondell Biggs
   60 David Moosman    90 Tim Jamison
   62 Tim McAvoy    96 Eugene Germany

Right Guard SAM Linebacker
   73 Alex Mitchell    2 Shawn Crable
   78 Justin Schifano    6 Prescott Burgess

Right Tackle MIKE Linebacker
   72 Rueben Riley    45 David Harris
   75 Cory Zirbel    49 John Thompson

Tight End WILL Linebacker
   89 Tyler Ecker     6 Prescott Burgess
   89 Mike Massey OR    37 Chris Graham
   85 Carson Butler    46 Brandon Logan
   35 Brian Thompson

Split End Left Cornerback
   86 Mario Manningham    29 Leon Hall
   16 Adrian Arrington    25 Johnny Sears
   13 Greg Mathews    

Quarterback Free Safety
   7 Chad Henne    31 Brandent Englemon OR
   19 Jason Forcier    21 Ryan Mundy

Fullback Strong Safety
   40 Obi Oluigbo    22 Jamar Adams
   34 Will Paul    19 Willis Barringer
   39 Andre Criswell    

Tailback Right Cornerback
   20 Mike Hart    5 Charles Stewart OR
   3 Kevin Grady    14 Morgan Trent
   4 Brandon Minor OR    27 Brandon Harrison
   23 Carlos Brown OR  
   24 Jerome Jackson    

Special Teams  
Place Kicker Punter
   38 Garret Rivas    3 Ross Ryan OR
   34 Jason Gingell    41 Zoltan Mesko

Kickoff Kickoff Return
   3 Ross Ryan    15 Steve Breaston
   38 Garrett Rivas    25 Johnny Sears
       17 Carl Tabb

Snaps Punt Return
   61 Turner Booth    15 Steve Breaston
   71 Sean Griffin    29 Leon Hall

   3 Ross Ryan  
   7 Chad Henne OR  
   13 Jeff Kastl

Stay tuned for Carr's press conference notes along with notes from Rueben Riley, Obi Oluigbo, Ryan Mundy, Morgan Trent and Will Johnson.

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