UM's Aggressive D Impresses Johnson

Ronald Johnson was one of the numerous big name recruits on hand for Michigan's blowout victory over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. After witnessing defensive coordinator Ron English's aggressive scheme, the talented prospect has a newfound appreciation for the Michigan defense.

After taking in Michigan's opening game of the season against Vanderbilt a few weeks back, Muskegon cornerback Ronald Johnson wanted to see more from the Michigan defense.  That was especially true with regard to the corners.

"It was real nice down there," Johnson told GoBlueWolverine after the Wolverines 27-7 victory in week one.  "The only thing I didn't like was that the corners didn't press much.  I like to press. "

When Johnson observed the Ron English-led unit for a second time as one of Notre Dame's visitors last Saturday, the five-star prospect left South Bend with a totally different impression.

"I liked that," Johnson said regarding the defensive effort turned in by the Wolverines.  "That was explosive right there.  I liked that. (The Michigan corners) were doing their thing.  I liked that.  Some plays they could have done better, but they did what they had to do.  They got the win. Coach Scot (Loeffler) texted me after the game and told me they needed me at Michigan as a cornerback.  He said that with me, they could win a national championship."

Johnson has long been considered more of a defensive prospect, but his play as a receiver continues to spark talk about his playing offense on the college level as well.  He was extremely impressed with Michigan's explosive passing attack in the 47-21 victory over the Irish.  He has produced similar fireworks for Muskegon this year.  He continued his blistering pace last week by hauling in another touchdown pass and throwing one to his brother Corey.  His offensive prowess has him envisioning life as a dual-threat star in college.

"I'd really like to play both ways," said Johnson.  "It's all up to what they want to do though.  If they want me to play defense, then I'll play defense…as long as I'm out on the field."

Johnson didn't have the opportunity to discuss that (or any other topic) with the Irish staff after Saturday's game.  Michigan's dominance on the afternoon caused him to cut his trip to South Bend short. 

"It looked like they weren't going to win," he explained.  "It wasn't going to be any reason to be talking to them when they just lost."

"(The game) was exciting for some of the people around me," Johnson continued.  "They were like, 'Michigan is finally playing now that they're defense is good.'  Plus the offense was holding it down, so it was real exciting for some of the people around me…but I was in the student section, and they were tripping about it."

With a host of big games on the docket this weekend, Johnson is almost certain that he will hit the road again this Saturday.   Where he will go is still up in the air, but he hasn't ruled out the possibility of a return visit to Ann Arbor.

"I was talking about it," Johnson said regarding whether he'd be at the Michigan Wisconsin game this weekend.  "I don't know yet.  I haven't set up any officials yet, but I'm thinking about this weekend going somewhere.  I don't know where though.  I know I'll try to make it out to Ohio State, Michigan, and USC."

The fact that Johnson hasn't scheduled any officials to date is a clear sign that he isn't in any hurry to make a decision.  At this point he plans to continue his patient approach to his recruitment.

"I think I'm going to wait until the season is over," he said.  "Some of my coaches are telling me to go ahead and make my decision.  Others are telling me that I should just ride it out. Not everybody gets the opportunity to go around the country and see a lot of new places.  I think I'm going to just ride it out.  It can get stressful sometimes, but it's fun.   It's good to keep everybody guessing right now until I figure out where I want to go."

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