Johnson's Brother to MSU; Will RoJo Follow?

Ronald Johnson and his family were among the thousands of fans that took in the thrilling contest between Michigan State and Notre Dame Saturday evening. By the time they left East Lansing, Corey Johnson had decided that his future would be spent in Green & White. Will that have an impact on his older brother?

"It was crazy out there," Muskegon cornerback Ronald Johnson said one day after returning home from East Lansing.  "I tried to stay, but we just left.  I think it was late in the third quarter.  It was raining too hard.  I had my family out there. We just listened to it on the way back.  I was trying to go home to look on ESPN and see how it went. I'm thinking they were going to win, but then Notre Dame came back when (Michigan Sate) threw that interception.  They scored that touchdown."

Notre Dame's giant comeback turned heads across the country, but for Johnson, the bigger impression was left when he was down in South Bend the week previous.

"They were all right," Johnson said regarding the Irish's effort Saturday night.  "That was Michigan State though.  They couldn't do that to Michigan."

Johnson's reserved take on the contest wasn't shared by every member of his family though.  His brother Corey, a junior wide receiver at Muskegon high, had a totally different reaction.

"He committed," Johnson said.   "He liked it there when they were winning (laughing).  He called them and verbally committed."

The playful ribbing between big brother and little brother has already started in the Johnson household. The improbable Notre Dame comeback was all of the fodder Ronald needed.

"I had a bet that Notre Dame was going to come back and win anyway.  My man owes me some money (laughing)."

With Corey firmly in the bag for John L. Smith and company, the logical question is will that make Ronald look harder in the Spartans' direction?

"Not as much," he said.  "If they show me something, then I might start looking at them.  They're a good program and they're up and coming, but as far as my brother going there … that's HIM going there."

The next phase of Johnson's recruitment calls for him to narrow his list and set up his official visits.  Scheduling a trip to USC appears to be first on his agenda.  The only question is when.

"I've got to sit down with my mom," he said.  "We have to talk about it so she can go with me."

Once the trip to Los Angeles is set up, the rest of Johnson's itinerary will likely take shape.  At this juncture he knows he'll take all five official visits, but he just doesn't know if one of them will be to Michigan.

"That's what I was talking about," Johnson said regarding whether he'll take an official visit to Ann Arbor.  "I don't know because I've been there so many times.  It's right around the corner.  We can go there anytime we want.  I want to get out and take some visits to where I know I'm not going to go … somewhere far."

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