Matt Simmons Visits U-M, Blocks for Clay

Burley OL Matt Simmons from Washington Park High School in Racine, Wisconsin visited the Big House for the Wisconsin game Saturday. And the night before he was paving the way for none other than than top Midwest running back John Clay.

Matt Simmons is a big offensive lineman from Washington Park in Racine Wisconsin. So it was no surprise that Michigan invited him to the Big House to watch the Michigan - Wisconsin game. GoBlueWolverine spoke to Simmons and his dad on Sunday.

Matt: "Michigan invited me to the game. It was great."

Mr. Simmons: "Matt's mother said it was the most fun she's ever had, she really enjoyed it. It impressed her, which is hard to do, She was reading the Michigan program all the way back, saying, "Look at this, look at that."

Mr. Simmons: "Were we rooting for Wisconsin - no, not really. They are not recruiting Matt as hard as Michigan and some other schools. Wisconsin has too many linemen already, and they already have the one they want this year, Josh (Oglesby). We figured we'd root for you guys, you invited us!"

Regarding a Michigan scholarship:

Matt: "I don't have any offers yet."

Mr. Simmons: "He gets a lot of mail, a lot of calls. We talked to Andy Moeller Saturday, he's pretty much been sending Matt letters. He wants to see some senior film; we told him we're sending him a September game tape."

"He had a good game this past Friday. Washington Park won the state championship last year, but they lost four offensive linemen, so this year the opposition knows where John is running, behind Matt."

And the "John" who is running behind Simmons:

Mr. Simmons: "John Clay. Right now he is leaning toward Wisconsin. But he has been a Michigan fan, he talks about Michigan. I believe he was leaning toward Michigan. He has been waiting for that big offer ... Ohio State has offered him, Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, Wisconsin of course, Minnesota ... those are the ones recruiting him the hardest."

Matt's size, stats, and future position:

Mr. Simmons: "He's 6-4 without shoes on, he has an 80-inch wingspan, he's probably 315 pounds ... he doesn't really look that heavy, he's not fat, he's pretty solid ... he'll need to lose a little bit and play at 300 ... he moves pretty well ... he ran 5.3 for his best 40 time this summer, and runs 5.4's consistently ... he ran a 4.9 shuttle at Central Michigan camp this summer."

Matt: "I'm playing tackle now, but I could play either tackle or guard in college."

Mr. Simmons: "Andy said Michigan needs a couple of tackles ... "

Mr. Simmons: "He didn't get a chance to come to the Michigan camp ... but if Michigan is on you then you're a pretty good player."

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