Michigan 28, Minnesota 14. The Drives, Stats

Michigan took a 21-7 lead into half-time, then cruised to a 28-14 lead behind a dominating game of ball possession (the Wolverines held the ball 37:39 to Minnesota's 22:21). Here are the game drives and key game statistics.

Michigan took the opening kickoff and went 80 yards in ten plays. Key plays: Mike Hart ran wild, rushing for 45 yards in his first 5 carries; Steve Breaston caught a 17 yard pass to the Minnesota 16; and Chad Henne hit Adrian Arrington for a 16 yard TD pass for the score.

Michigan 7, Minnesota 0

Minnesota took the ensuing kickoff and went three and out.

Michigan took the punt, go one first down, then punted (a 55 yarder by Zoltan Mesko).

Minnesota once again went three and out.

With 1:37 to go in the first quarter, Michigan started at it's own 23 and went 77 yards in just 7 plays for a touchdown. Key plays: a 15 yard pass to Mario Manningham to the Michigan 45; and a 37 yard TD strike to Adrian Arrington.

Michigan 14, Minnesota 0


Minnesota answered with a scoring drive of it's own, starting at its own 25 at the 6:20 mark and going 75 yards in 12 plays.

Michigan 14, Minnesota 7

Michiagn answered with another scoring drive, starting at its own 17 at the 4:09 mark and driving 82 yards in just 8 plays. Key play: a 41 yard touchdown pass to Mario Manningham for the score.

Michigan 21, Minnesota 7

Minnesota took the ensuing kickoff at it's own 31, got one first down, then punted.

Michigan ran one play and then the half ended.

There was no scoring in the quarter.

Minnesota took the opening kickoff, got 2 first downs, then punted.

Michigan took the ball at its own 13, got 3 first downs but stalled at the Minnesota 34 and punted.

Minnesota took the ball at its own 20 and went three and out.

Michigan took the ball at it's own 27 at the 3:24 mark. After getting a first down, Henne hit a 36 yard pass to Mario Manningham to the Minnesota 3. However the drive stalled and Garrett Rivas missed a 22 yard field goal.


Starting at it's own 20 at the 13:35 mark, Minnesota went three and out.

Michigan started at it's own 40, got one first down, then Mesko punted 34 yards to the Minnesota 8.

Minnesota went three and out.

Starting at it's own 40 at the 8:17 mark, on the 3rd play Henne hit Mike Hart with a short pas that went 31 yards to the Minnesota 6. Two plays later Kevin Grady scored.

Michigan 28, Minnnesota 7

Taking the Michigan kickoff to their own 16, Minnesota answered quickly with two 24 yard passes, a pass interference by Charles Stewart, and a 21 touchdown pass at the 4:12 mark.

Michigan 28, Minnesota 14

Minnesota recovered an onside kick at the Michigan 44 and got 3 first downs but turned the ball over on downs at the Michigan 8 at the 2:26 mark.

Michigan ran out the clock.


Michigan had 518 total yards, 234 rushing and 518 passing.
Minnesota had 323 yards, 108 rushing and 215 passing.

Michigan was 10-15 on 3rd down, Minnesota 3-12.

Michigan had a time of possession of 37:39 to Minnesota's 22:21

Chad Henne was 17-24 for 284 yards and 3 TD's.
Brian Cupito was 17-34 for 215 yards and 2 TD's.

Mike Hart rushed 31 times for 195 yards (6/3 yards per carry).
Amir Pinnix rushed 20 times for 91 yards (4.6 yards per carry).

Mario Manningham had 5 receptions for 131 yards (26.2 yards per catch) and a TD.
Adrian Arrington had 5 catches for 59 yards and 2 TD's.

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