Cass Tech Duo to be in Ann Arbor Saturday

Detroit Cass Tech stars Joseph Barksdale and Boubacar Cissoko will be among the visitors in Ann Arbor for Michigan's weekend battle with the Michigan State Spartans.

When Detroit Cass Tech standouts Joseph Barksdale and Boubacar Cissoko hit the field last Friday to take on cross-town rival Detroit King, they envisioned leaving the contest with holding bragging rights for the next year.  Unfortunately for them, the Crusaders weren't too cooperative.

"We lost 32-12," Cissoko said.  "They scored two touchdowns with the pass and three touchdowns on the run.  They were just all over us.  The (Cass Tech) offense couldn't score."

Cissoko had a strong individual performance, but he is more focused on the team's goals and their prospects for making the playoffs.

"I had a kickoff return to my touchdown," Cissoko said.  "On defense, they don't throw it my way, man (laughing).  They don't throw it my way at all.  Right now we're 3-3, but we can still make the playoffs if we when two straight games."

As the Technicians come down the home stretch, Barksdale will be working hard to increase his productivity.

"I'm doing good," said Barksdale.  "I need to work on staying low.  If I stay low, I'll probably double my tackles."

Next up for Cass Tech is a road match-up with Detroit Pershing (2-4).  Once that game is over, both youngsters will prepare to make their way to Ann Arbor the next day to watch the Wolverines and Spartans go at it.

"I'll be there," said Barksdale who will be traveling with one of his coaches.  "I just wanted to go watch a good game."

"I'll be at the game this weekend too," Cissoko added.  "I'll be coming up with my brother-in-law and his friend.

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