GoBlueWolverine Tailgate Saturday

Join the staff of GoBlueWolverine.com for our first tailgate this Saturday.

For everyone interested...

GBW will be congregating at our first ever tailgate for this weekend's Michigan vs. Michigan State game thanks to the generosity of board member Fred Hay (aka BBLUE on the message board). The tailgate will consist of two motor homes that will be located on the Pioneer high school lot. We won't know the exact location until we pull in Friday afternoon, but once we do, we will post the locale on the messageboard along with photos of the setup so you can find us Saturday morning.

We will kick off the festivities at 10am. At this point we are not sure how many will be attending, but if the list gets long it'd be great if folks would contribute a case of soda, brawts,...etc.

All of those interested in attending please send a message to Sam Webb at SJWebb@comcast.net with the subject line "Tailgate." We will send you further contact information so you can reach us the day of the game. Thanks for your interest and we're looking forward to putting some names with faces.

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