Post-game Comments: Coach Carr and Players

Quick-hitter post-game comments: linebacker David Harris, quarterback David Harris, safety Jamar Adams, and Head Coach Lloyd Carr. On the MSU game, on the Spartan mouth-running, on looking ahead to Penn State, and even a couple injury comments.

David Harris:

"There were a lot of great hits, cheap shots. It's part of the rivalry."

"They ran their mouths ... it just put fuel on the fire. We talked about it a lot."

"When I was recruited here I was told, 'Don't lose to Michigan State'."

"We have to go out next week and do our job."

Chad Henne:

"We were balanced. We established the run early, and when they gave us the opportunity we hit the big pass."

Henne on playing at PSU: "I was recruited by them, and I've been in that stadium many times. I have friends who play there. So it'll be exciting."

Jamar Adams:

"Michigan has always built off its defense. We are trying to live up to that."

Adams on his interception: "They lined up in that formation, and I knew where they were going to throw it. I just thought, 'That ball is mine'."

On being tired: "We look forward all year to playing just 12 games ... so we look forward to each and every one of them."

Dave Hart:

Hart on his ankle:"It's all right. It's not a sprain. It just got twisted a little." Hart was moving around the press area after the game as usual."

Coach Carr:

"We did what we wanted: getting a lead. And what we wanted to do then was to run the clock."

"Our defense stood tall against a great rushing team."

"If you look at great defensive team ... the offense is running the clock and not turning it over, and special teams are doing a good job -- Zoltan Mesko did a good job punting today. It all fits in -- it's about TEAM."

Carr on Hart: "It was a typical Hart game. He's going to bleed you. He turns a 1 yard game into 4-5, a 4 yard game into 10. He has vision and balance."

Car asked to look ahead: "You're never where you want to be. As the saying goes, you're getting better or else you're getting worse. If you don't prepare on a day to day basis, you're going to get beat. We have a lot of guys who have been around a long enough that they understand that."

Carr on Tyler Ecker: "He's day to day, I'm hooping he'll be back (for PSU)."

Carr on Ross Ryan, on why he's not punting or kicking off: "Health-wise he's been struggling ... he's not kicking it like he did before."

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