Dave Molk Attends His First Michigan Game

Michigan commitment OL Dave Molk from Lemont Township, Illinois made it to Ann Arbor for the MSU game -- his first visit ever to the Big House for a game. He gave GoBlueWolverine his impression, and answered our questions about fellow OL visitor Matt Romine.

GoBlueWolverine spoke Sunday afternoon to U-M O-line commitment Dave Molk (6-1, 270) from Lemont Township, Illinois, who told us:

"I'd never been to a Michigan game before."

"I just decided on Tuesday to go, so I called Coach Moeller and arranged it."

And what did you think?

"It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. I'm serious."

What other recruits did you talk to?

"I spent time talking to Matt Romine (Oklahoma OT who is an official visitor this weekend). I think we were the only offensive line recruits there, seniors I mean. There were some younger guys there. Coach Moeller asked me to talk to Matt and tell him what I knew about Michigan and all. So we talked. "


"Matt was enjoying himself. But he is a pretty quiet guy, so I don't really know what he's thinking."

What about your Michigan official visit? Do you know when that is going to be?

"I haven't scheduled my official visit yet ... it'll probably be in December."

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