Mallett Talks About Weekend: "We all bonded."

GoBlueWolverine chatted with 6-star (new catagory) Texas quarterback Ryan Mallett as he made the long drive from the Dallas airport to Texarkana. The topics: Toney Clemons, and the group he hung with over the weekend.

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"I'm still about an hour from Texarkana," Michigan commitment and Super QB Mallett told us. So we chatted for a while. Here are some things he said.

Regarding Toney Clemons: "We got him!"

"There was a gang of us that went around together: Clemons, Zion Babb, Markques Simas, Martell Webb, plus Donovan Warren and the junior Jon Baldwin. And I'll say this -- we bonded. Lorenzo Edwards too. We bonded. So I think we have good shots at all of them. And I think we will get at least a couple of them."

"I think Michigan is done with receivers now, for this year. Although not with Babb, we'll get that guy too I think."

"My host was James McKinney (this years Super-Host). James is a good guy, lots of fun. We had a real good time."

"Matt Romine and his host went with the linemen more. I talked to Matt, but not as much. And he's a pretty quiet guy."

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