Michigan Pulls Away from Iowa Late, 20-6

It was a typically tough Michigan-Iowa game, and after three quarters U-M clung to a narrow 10-6 lead. But the Wolverines broke open a close game with ten fourth quarter points to defeat the Iowa Hawkeyes at the Big House, 20-6.


Iowa started at their own 20, got one first down and punted.

Michigan started at their own 33 yard line at the 12:23 mark. Michigan went 3 and out.

Iowa took the U-M punt at their own 24, got one first down, then punted.

Michigan took the punt at their own 29 at the 8:02 mark. Michigan went three and out.

Iowa returned the 57 yard Zoltan Mesko punt to their own 24 at the 5:54 mark. Iowa got 4 first downs to the U-M 26, but two consecutive sacks by Shawn Crable, and an Iowa fumble on the 2nd, gave U-M the ball back at the U-M 41 at the :33 second mark.

First Quarter Stats:

U-M had 44 total yards, Iowa 66 ... there were no stats really, except 2 U-M sacks by Crable and an Iowa fumble.


Michigan completed 3 passes, all to Adrian Arrington, to get 2 first downs to the Iowa 36 at the start of the quarter. Michigan got to the Iowa 31, but 2 sacks took U-M out of field goal range and U-M punted.

Iowa took the punt at their own 9 yard line at the 13:04 mark and went three and out.

Michigan took the punt at their own 43 at t he 11:38 mark. After a first down on a 7 yard pass to Butler, and another running first down by Hart, another on a pass to Greg Mathews, and another to Carson Butler to the Iowa 4. There the drive stalled and Garrett Rivas kicked a 20 yard field goal at the 7:13 mark.

Michigan 3, Iowa 0

Iowa returned the kickoff to the Iowa 19 at the 7:05 mark. Iowa got 1 first down then punted.

Steve Breaston returned the short punt to the U-M 39 at the 4:27 mark. Michigan got one first down then Zoltan Mesko punted it to the Iowa 2 at the :52 mark. Iowa went 3 and out and punted with 18 seconds left in the half.

Michigan took the ball at the Iowa 49 with 9 seconds left, but could not score.

First Half Stats:

Michigan had 135 yards, 129 passing and 7 rushing.
Iowa had 98 total yards, 78 in the air and 20 rushing.

Chad Henne was 13-19 for 128 yards.
Drew Tate was 11-17 for 78 yards. Tate lost one fumble.

Mike Hart had 10 rushes for 27 yards.
Damian Sims had 6 carries for 22 yards, and Albert Young had 5 carries for 8 yards.


Brandon Minor fumbled the kickoff and Michigan started at their own 5. After getting two first downs, Henne threw an interception at the 11:20 mark at the U-M 27. During the series, Ruben Riley went out, and Justin Boren came in at RG with Alex Mitchell moving from RG to RT.

Iowa couldn't move the ball, and kicked a 34 yard field goal at the 10:06 mark.

Michigan 3, Iowa 3

Steve Breaston ran back the kickoff 64 yards to the Iowa 35 yard line at the 9:52 mark. Michigan got first downs on passes to Breaston and Arrington and had a 1st down at the 9. on first down Hart scored the TD (over the frosh RG Boren) at the 6:36 mark.

Michigan 10, Iowa 3

Iowa took the ensuing kickoff to their own 21. Iowa got three first downs on pass completions but stalled at the Michigan 4. Iowa kicked a 21 yard field goal at the 2:11 mark.

Michigan 10, Iowa 6

The ensuing kickoff went out of bounds at the Michigan 31 at the 2:07 mark. Mike Hart got 2 rushing first downs (then took himself out), then Henne completed a pass to Arrington for another 1st down at the Iowa 29.


(continuation of U-M drive)

The Michigan drive stalled at the Iowa 20, and Garrett Rivas kicked a 37 yard field goal at the 12:55 mark.

Michigan 13, Iowa 6

Iowa took the ensuing kickoff at their own 20. After two sacks, by Crable and Lamarr Woodley, Iowa went three and out and had to punt.

Michigan started at their own 41 yard line at the 11:26 mark. Michigan went three and out and punted. Mesko punted the ball to the Iowa 9.

Iowa started at their own 9 at the 9:50 mark and went three and out. Breaston fair-catched the punt at the Iowa 43 at the 8:28 mark.

On Michigan's 3rd play, Mike Hart fumbled the ball at the Iowa 32 at the 6:55 mark, but the call was overturned and U-M got the first down. Henne threw a first down pass to Breaston to at the Iowa 22. Hart had 2 runs for another first down at the Iowa 11, and then scored from the 10 at the 3:59 mark.

Michigan 20, Iowa 6

Iowa took the ensuing kickoff at their own 20 and made 4 first downs, driving to the Michigan 15 before turning the ball over on downs.

Michigan took the ball at their own 15 and ran out the clock.

Final Stats:

Michigan gained 291 yards, 203 passing and 88 rushing.
Iowa gained 238 yards, 197 passing and 41 rushing.

Chad Henne was 23-33 for 203 yards and 1 int.
Drew Tate was 21-36 for 197 yards.

Mike Hart rushed 31 times for 126 yards (4.1 yards per carry).
Damien Sims rushed for 22 yards and Albert Young added 19.

Adrian Arrington had 8 receptions for 79 yards; Steve Breaston added 7 for 49 yards. Michigan had 5 sacks, 3 by Shawn Crable and 2 by Lamarr Woodley. Crable also added 3 tackles for loss.
Garrett Rivas was 2 for 2 in field goals, from 20 and 37 yards.
Zoltan Mesko punted 5 times for a 43 yard average (including a 57 yarder).
Michigan's time of possession was 34:23.

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