Post Game: Quick Hitter Quotes

Looking backwards and forward: quotes by RB Mike Hart, DL Allen Branch, DE Lamarr Woodley, RB/KR/PR Steve Breaston, QB Chad Henne, LB Shawn Crable ... and several statements by Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr.

Mike Hart: The more carries as the game goes along, the better I get."

Alan Branch: "We have a very confident defense. We tell ourselves that 3 points are good enough."

Branch on Hart: "He is the offensive spark, the spark that lights the flame ... he gets the swagger going on offense."

Lamarr Woodley: "We remember where we started at -- a lot of guys were on the 7-5 team last year -- and where we're going."

Steve Breaston: "We've respected every team we've played so far ... that's how we got here, to this point."

Chad Henne: "We don't look at our ranking, we just want to keep winning."

Shawn Crable: "I didn't rush the passer much last year; this year the coaches have me working on it."

Shawn Crable again: "We don't celebrate much, we can't slow down."

Coach Carr:

"It was the best special teams we've had this year."

"Steve (Breaston) didn't practice until yesterday, so on the kickoff (fumbled by Brandon Minor) we held him out."

"We felt at some point that Justin Boren would get the opportunity to play. And hats off to Alex Mitchell: he's banged up, and moving to OT is a different world. Hopefully Ruben wiill get treatment and be back next week."

"Hats off to Carson Butler. We told him you're time is going to come. we're hoping to get Tyler Ecker and Mike Massey back pretty quickly. Mike banged up his shoulder in the first quarter of the PSU game, but he wouldn't come out."

"We don't live in a vacuum, we know what's there and are excited to be there. But -- the job is not finished."

"It's hard to have more fun that I've had this season."

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