Q&A with Noopy Crater

Anthony "Noopy" Crater, the smooth point guard out of Flint Southwestern Academy, made to trip down US-23 to Ann Arbor Saturday for an unofficial visit. After months of trying to get him on campus (unsuccessfully), and seeing that the Wolverines are often omitted from Crater's list of favorites, Tommy Amaker asked this top 08 prospect if he is really interested in the Maize & Blue.

Anthony "Noopy" Crater Profile

When reading stories about your recruitment, you don’t mention Michigan.  Are you interested in the Wolverines?

"I don’t know a whole lot about Michigan.  I haven’t really studied them, but I have seen them play a few times.  I do like Michigan and I like there style of play. I have been down there to meet and play with the guys, so yes I am interested in Michigan."

Did you and Coach Amaker have a chance to talk?

"Yeah we had a chance to talk for about 20 to 30 minutes. We watched film together and talked about the offense and where I would fit in. Coach Amaker also asked me where they stood with recruiting me and I told him I was interested in Michigan and that I like there style of play."

What type are you looking for in a school and how much will the talent that's already on the team play into your decision?

"A school that gets up and down the court, where I am going to be comfortable, and that will allow me to do what I do. I will take whatever four players they give me to play with but, yes it would be nice to play with other good players."

What do you feel you need to work on in your game?

"I need to get stronger and improve on my shot. The best part of my game is the way I see the floor, I am just trying to get better."

Back to recruiting for a moment… what schools do you like right now and can you tell us why? (This is not a top five list of schools as Anthony told us because he is still going through the recruiting process).

"Arizona- I went out there about two weeks ago and it went real well. I played with the team for about an hour and I had a chance to talk with Jerryd Bayless( class of 2007 commit) he was a real cool dude. I also had a chance to meet with Coach Lute Olsen he is real laid back I was really happy to meet him I was like wow Lute Olsen. It was a good visit."

"Florida- They are a team that gets up and down the floor and I like that. I really like there style of play."

"Illinois- I had a chance to talk with Coach Weber and Coach Price I like the coaches a lot and I like there style of play."

"Kansas- I like the way Kansas plays. I have had a chance to talk with Coach Bill Self a few times. I hope to get a chance to go back up there to visit."

"Ohio State- I like there style of play. I like the fact that Coach Thad Matta is really into what the players are doing outside of basketball. He seems to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing, overall they have a nice program."

When do you plan on making your decision?

"I will be making a decision at the end of this basketball season. "

Will you be making your way back up to Michigan for any basketball games?

"Yeah I hope to be able to make it to the Georgetown game to see (Michigan) play."

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