Donovan Warren Lays Things Out

With two visits under his belt, one more set up and two more planned to be taken, Southern Calif. cornerback Donovan Warren will take unofficial trips to the local schools and won't be making a decision till all seven have been taken.

The nation's fourth ranked cornerback, Donovan Warren (6-1, 175) out of Long Beach (Calif.) Poly, continues to keep a gauge of each of the seven schools he has interest in. Warren has taken a pair of official visits, has one more set up, two other schools he plans to visit officially and two schools he wants to visit unofficially.

"I visited Arizona the week before I went to Michigan," said Warren. "I went to Michigan on October 7th when they played Michigan State. They have a nice college atmosphere at Michigan. It was nice."

Next weekend (November 4), Warren will be visiting California when they host UCLA.

"I'm also going to visit Oregon and Ohio State," said Warren. "Those five are going to be my official trips. "I'm visiting USC and UCLA unofficially."

When Warren visits Oregon and Ohio State remains to be seen, same with when he plans to visit the two Los Angeles schools.

"I know I want to go to Ohio State during the season and see the atmosphere," said Warren. "I'm not sure if I'll go for the Ohio State-Michigan game because that is the same weekend that Cal plays USC at the Coliseum. But I'm trying to see when works and set that up."

Warren emphatically denied having a leader or even a top three from his seven remaining.

"I don't have a leader," said Warren. "There is not a leader at all."

Warren said he wasn't in a hurry to make his decision, and in fact, thinks a decision may not be made until the first Wednesday in February.

"I think I'll wait until Signing Day," said Warren. "By then I'll know. I'm not in any rush and not trying to be in the spotlight. I'm trying to make the right decision for me."

Primarily a defensive back for the Jackrabbits, Warren has seen some carries in the backfield this season and his versatility has allowed for colleges to envision him doing more playmaking in college.

"Everyone is liking me, saying I can play some at punt return and also kick returns, special teams basically," said Warren. "They think I can be a force there."

College coaches have been finding their way to Poly games this fall, keeping an eye on Warren.

"Coach Charlie Williams from Arizona has come to watch and Coach DeWayne Walker from UCLA has come down," said Warren.

This past weekend, USC coach Pete Carroll made the trek to Veterans Stadium to see him.

"It was real cool," said Warren. "We have some SC people there, Vincent Joseph and Travon Patterson and they brought Vidal Hazelton with them. Then I saw Coach Carroll on the sideline and they were all yelling at me, telling me to ‘stick him' to my man. They were encouraging me. It was real cool."

Warren has returned the favor to USC, attending a pair of their games earlier this year. This weekend, he will be at UCLA's home game with Washington State.

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