Michigan Visit Draws Raves from Kellen Harris

Sharon, Pa. linebacker Kellen Harris was one of the handful of recruiting visitors to brave the bad weather in Ann Arbor Saturday. Despite leaving early due to the cold and rain, he found his experience in Ann Arbor to be extremely memorable.

The miserable weather conditions in Ann Arbor Saturday made playing a football game a very tough task for the Michigan Wolverines.  It also made watching the game a very tough task for their fans.   Thousands braved the elements to support their squad, but that number thinned dramatically at halftime.  The cold, the wind, and the rain chased a number of observers out of the stadium.  That was certainly the case for Sharon, (Pa.) linebacker Kellen Harris.

"I didn't stay for the whole game," Harris said.  "I left at halftime.  It was so cold!  I was out!  I could not stay there."

Despite the uncomfortable weather, Harris was still extremely impressed with the atmosphere at the big house. 

"It was fun," he said.  "They don't really have to say much to you to get you to go to the school because the atmosphere there is something else.  That's the place to be to play some football.  The amount of people…just everything about it…it was nice.  I had a great time."

Michigan has moved up Harris' list of late thanks to increased recruiting attention from quarterbacks' coach (and Western PA recruiter) Scot Loeffler.  The 6-2 210-pounder already sported offers from West Virginia, Cincinnati, University of Indiana, Marshall, Akron, and Toledo, and he was preparing to pick amongst those schools in the coming months.  However, when the Maize and Blue started to show more of an interest, that definitely altered things a bit.

"My favorite right now is probably West Virginia, but if Michigan were to offer me they would be one of my top choices," said Harris.  "They've been sending me a lot of letters.  The coach drove down from Michigan and talked to my coach about me.  He got my tape.  I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him lately, but ever since then they've been sending me a lot of letters and giving me tickets for games.  They sent me tickets to go to the Ball State game.  I might go to it.  If I can get a ride up there, I'm probably going to go back up."

Harris' affinity of the Wolverines is not a new development.  The youngster first became enthralled with the winged helmet a few years back when fellow Sharon native Marlin Jackson donned a Michigan uniform.

"My brother and Marlin were best friends," Harris explained.  "My brother went to Pitt, Marlin went to Michigan, and their other friend Terrence went to Penn State all in the same year.  So I'm pretty close to Marlin.  I talk to him often.  When he comes home and he has something at his mom's or his aunt's house, I'm over there.  On the 4th of July I was with him.  I see him a lot.   When he was playing, I was like, 'Man, I've got to be like this kid when I get older. ' That's when I first became interested (in Michigan).  Then when I went up there, it was really nice."

Harris hopes to get a better feel for where he stands on the Wolverines' list in the near future.  His decision date is fast approaching and he hopes the Wolverines will figure prominently into the equation.

"I want to make my decision pretty soon here," he said.  "I'm thinking after these official visits in November and December, I'll make my choice."

"Wherever I go has to be a true college town," Harris continued.  "It has to feel like home."

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