Best Guess Rec Class List - The Short Version

Will DB Michael Williams commit to the Wolverines sooner rather than later? And how does the whole 2006-07 Michigan recruiting class look at this point? Here is a "Short Version" of a Best Guess list -- just the positions, the needs, the commitments, and the remaining recruits.

Positions With Needs Not Completely Filled:

Needed/wanted: three
Committed: one. Troy Woolfolk (5-10, 170) from Fort Bend Dullas (Houston area).
Remaining Recruits (with scholarship offers): (1) will U-M get a commitment this week from's #14 West prospect, 4-star Army All-American Michael Williams (5-11, 180) from Ventura, Calif., St. Bonaventure (Nov. 4 offic. visit). (2)'s #14 prospect, 5-star Ronald Johnson (6-2, 190) from Muskegon, Mich. ... U-M is strong with Rojo.

Offensive Tackle
Needed/wanted: one or two
Committed: none
Remaining Recruits (with scholarship offers): (1)'s #52 prospect, 4-star John Elliott (6-4, 285) from East Meadow, N.Y. (2)'s #21 West prospect, 4-star Jaivorio Burkes (6-5, 320) from Phoenix, Ariz., Moon Valley (Nov. 4 offic. visit) ... will he make it academically?

Defensive Tackles
Needed/wanted: one
Committed: none.
Remaining Recruits (with scholarship offers): (1)'s #70 prospect, 4-star Josh Brent (6-3, 295) from Bloomington, Ill. Central Catholic (Dec. 1 visit). (2)'s #76 Southwest prospect, 3-star Rolando Melancon (6-1, 270, 4.85) from Lutcher, La..

Defensive Ends
Needed/wanted: two
Committed: one.'s #53 prospect, 4-star Ryan VanBergen (6-5, 260) from Whitehall, Mich.
Remaining Recruits (with scholarship offers): (1)'s #4 prospect, 5-star Army All-American Everson Griffen (6-4, 260) from Avondale, Ariz., Agua Fria Union (Oct. 21 offic. visit). (2)'s #24 East prospect, 4-star Devon Still (6-5, 250, 4.9) from Wilmington Howard.

Linebackers Needed/wanted: two
Committed: none (altho see Jerimy Finch as a safety below)
Remaining Recruits (with scholarship offers): (1)'s #54 prospect, 4-star Army All-American S/LB Lorenzo Edwards (6-2, 220) from Orlando Edgewater (Oct. 6 offic. visit). (2)'s #56 Midwest prospect, 3-star Jermale Hines (6-2, 210, 4.59) from Cleveland Glenville. (3) 4-Star LB Brandon Hicks (6-2, 210) from Jacksonville, Fla., Nathan Bedford Forrest. (4) U-M may have to offer additional LB's.

Positions With Needs Basically Filled:

Needed/wanted: one
Committed:'s #18 prospect, 5-star Army All-American Ryan Mallett (6-7, 260) from Texarcana Texas.

Running Backs
Needed/wanted: two, or three?
Committed: two. (1) Avery Horn (5-10, 180, 4.5) from Hanford. Ala. (2) RB/Athlete Marquis Maze (5-8, 175) from Birmingham Tarrant.
Remaining Recruits: Will U-M get a January visit from's #68 prospect, 4-star Army All-American Robert Hughes (5-11, 230) from Chicago Hubbard?

Needed/wanted: one
Committed: one. Vince Helmuth (6-2, 240 ... he has lost weight to get to FB size) from Saline, Mich.

Wide Receiver
Needed/wanted: four
Committed: four. (1)'s #60 prospect, 4-star Toney Clemons (6-3, 190) from New Kensington, Pa. (2)'s #25 Southeast Prospect, 4-star J.R. Hemingway (6-1, 190) from Conway, S.C. (3)'s #47 West prospect, 4-star WR/DB Zion Babb (6-3, 190) from Alhambra, Calif. (4) James Rogers (6-2, 185) from Madison Heights, Mich., Lampheer.

Tight End
Needed/wanted: two
Committed: two. (1)'s #87 prospect, 4-star Martell Webb (6-4, 230) from Pontiac, Mich. (2)'s #66 West prospect, 4-star Steve Watson (6-4, 240) from Denver Mullen.

Offensive Guard/Center Needed/wanted: one
Committed: one. Scoutcom's #14 Midwest prospect, 4-star Dave Molk from Lemont Township, Ill.

Needed/wanted: one or two
Committed: two. (1)'s #81 prospect, 4-star Jerimy Finch (6-2, 200) from Indianapolis Warrren Central. (2) Scoutcom's #58 Midwest prospect, 3-star Artis Chambers (6-0, 180) from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Snyder.

Overall: our lists has 19 player-needs overall, with 8 unmet: 2 CB's (this need will be met however), 2 OT's, 1 DT, 1 DE, 2 LB's.

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