GoBlueWolverine Staff Predictions

Staff predictions from GoBlueWolverine Magazine on the projected outcome of the Michigan vs. Indiana football game scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon.

Tom Beaver
A prediction is hard to make without knowing the exact status of Manningham, so TJB is splitting the difference, figuring Mario will be ready to go but used just enough to get the cobwebs out -- 1 or 2 catches.
Prediction: 28-10 Michigan

Sam Webb
I think the weather in Bloomington will dictate the Michigan offense will run the ball more then not. Michigan won't have the opportunity to get the balance in the passing game they'll need against Ohio State because of it. Mike Hart has a big day.
Prediction: 28-10 Michigan

Josh Turel
Indiana hasn't stopped the run well all year, which, in turn, is something Michigan does very well on offense. The Wolverines should be able to have their way on offense both through the air and on the ground. Kellen Lewis is the main threat to the Wolverine defense, and he has an outstanding target in receiver James Hardy. The Hoosiers, in actuality, are a great fit on the schedule right now. Not only will the Wolverines get to adjust more for the spread offense, but a running quarterback as well. Hmmm… should we be looking ahead?
Prediction: 24-7 Michigan

Allen Trieu
The Wolverines have shown they don't mind playing vanilla and winning ugly. There isn't much reason to think tomorrow will be much different. But, with the Ball State scare, I would expect the Wolverines to try to jump on the Hoosiers early. Still, Indiana's spread and passing attack will be a good test.
Prediction: 33-17 Michigan

Bret Osburn
Despite the fact that Michigan continues to emphasize running the football, the Michigan offense continues to get on track with a big game yardage wise against the Hoosiers. Mike Hart rushes for over 100 yards again this week, and the Michigan defense begins the slow adjustment to playing a quarterback that can beat you with his legs.
Prediction: 38-13 Michigan

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