U-M/OSU A Dream Come True!

On Saturday, Michigan and Ohio State will face each other in a battle of undefeateds not seen since long before most of us were born. It is the greatest game, of the greatest rivalry, of the greatest sport, and I've been waiting my entire life for just this moment.

This is THE game. No, not the GAME. No, this is THE game. The upcoming Michigan - Ohio State game is THE game college football was created for. The greatest rivalry in all of sports pits the two colossal teams against each other as undefeateds, with the Big Ten Championship and a trip to the BCS Championship Game on Jan. 8.

More importantly for me, however, it is the game I've been waiting to see my entire life. You see, I'm not one of those OSU haters that find themselves among the Michigan faithful. The loathing I have for a certain school that does not deserve mention in a story surrounding this game is well known. However I do not share the sentiment with those who wish to see OSU lose every game - and this matchup is exactly why.

I may not completely respect Ohio State. Heck, I may not even like 'em. But I do respect the rivalry my beloved Wolverines have with the Buckeyes, and that's why this game has been on my wish-list since I was a wee-little Michigander.

11-0. No. 1 and No. 2. National title on the line. The respect and adoration of millions of fans and admirers, and possibly even the detractors. An entire nation will be talking about this game in the coming week, and possibly for years after.

Would this game have any meaning if OSU was 0-11? Would defeating an 0-11 Buckeye squad hold any deep and lasting value to a Michigan fan? Not this fan - big deal. However, knocking off an 11-0 and No. 1 ranked Ohio State, and the absolutely deflation that would cause on the OSU faithful, would be satisfaction beyond belief.

I was too young to remember or even comprehend the 1969 game - Bo's first season and the ressurection of the Michigan program. This season has been a ressurrection of its own after last year's 7-5 season. But Michigan wasn't 11-0 and ranked No. 2 in the country going into the '69 game. College football hasn't seen this in over 70 years. It is only fitting that it will be Michigan vs. Ohio State.

A win here will be far more meaningful for me than a win on Jan. 8. The BCS Championship will be somewhat anticlimactic, somewhat like the 1980 U.S. Hockey team's Gold Medal-winning game against Finland. The victory over the USSR was one that transcended sports in that olympics, and THE game on Saturday will be what sporting is all about.

There is one sad, but very real possibility that tragedy could strike what fate has been so careful to bring us. These two teams are so good, and so far ahead of everyone else this season, that they may meet again in the BCS Championship game simply because the loser of the contest is still better than the rest of the field. I don't like that one bit. All will, and should, be settled on Nov. 18.

My dream come true, halleluiah.

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