Film Breakdown: OSU Offense (Part I)

In part one, Josh Turel breaks down Ohio State's QB's, RB's, and WR's


#10 Troy Smith  6-1, 215, Sr.

Stats: 170 of 256 attempts, 66.4 completion %, 2,191 yards, 26 touchdowns, four interceptions


Scouting Report:

Troy Smith is the leading candidate for the Heisman trophy and for good reason. He has really shown progression from his sophomore season to where he is now. He hasnt had to use his feet as much as in the past, but is still a very dangerous runner. As a quarterback, he has enough arm velocity to make all of the throws in the Buckeyes offense effectively. Smith can absolutely hammer the ball when throwing straight on. The zip tends to tail off the more he opens his hips to the sideline but overall the arm strength is there. Lack of height hasnt restricted him much at the college level but it may hurt his NFL stock. A thumb injury hasnt affected his play too much but the ball seems to sail on him from time to time. His mechanics arent great, which can affect his passes when under pressure. He needs to focus on keeping his footwork in line and he tends to hold the ball too low during games. Has a little bit too much windup in it as well but this is just minor knit picking. Smith has shown his most improvement in his coverage recognition and reading ability. He does an outstanding job finding open receivers in Ohio States four verticals concept and reads man coverage well. He gets the ball to his playmakers when man coverage or cover one is being run. Field vision has now become a strength of his and if given proper time he will hit the open receiver consistently. Smith has outstanding intangibles and is already 2-0 against the Wolverines. He is an established big game player.



#12 Justin Zwick  6-4, 225, Sr.

Stats: 14 of 23 attempts, 60.9 completion %, 187 yards


Zwick is a senior reserve that has progressed behind the scenes since losing the quarterback job to Troy Smith. He has enough tools to give the Buckeyes a chance if disaster strikes and Troy Smith goes down.



#89 Stan White Jr. 6-2, 242 Sr.

Stats: Seven catches, 50 yards


Scouting Report:

White seems to be more effective playing an upback position rather than fullback. He plays too high for a lead blocker and will get stood up too often. Not overly powerful and is more of a wall off blocker. Has decent athletic ability and can contribute as a receiver every once in awhile. Better pass protector than lead blocker.




#49 Dionte Johnson 6-0, 234, Jr.


Johnsons play has been rather disappointing this season. He hasnt established himself as a dominant lead blocker as some expected he would. He has a nice build and possesses good overall strength, but plays too high and with not enough forward lean. He takes questionable angles to the play and too often doesnt contribute to the blocking of a play. He hasnt touched the ball all season and is used solely as a blocker. Has the potential to be a tough blocker but just hasnt put in enough of those performances this season.


Running Back:

#25 Antonio Pittman  5-11, 195, Jr.


Rushing: 214 attempts, 1,069 yards, 4.8 avg, 12 touchdowns

Receiving: 12 catches, 117 yards


Scouting Report:

Pittman has adequate size and lower body strength. He shows good burst, quick feet, and keeps his feet moving well in a pile. He has solid speed and is more of a straight line runner than a change of direction back. He has the vision of a very experienced back. Pitttman isnt featured as a receiver, but he can help out in this capacity from time to time when he splits out as a receiver. Solid pass protector and can cut down bigger defenders.



#28 Chris Wells  6-1, 225, Fr.

Stats: 97 carries, 511 yards, 5.3 avg, six touchdowns, two catches for 16 yards


Wells is the Buckeyes first back off the bench.  The true freshman has shown his value this season as a power runner. He has been effective in short yardage and goaline situations. He has a very strong lower and upper body, and leg drive that continues to move the pile. Like Pittman he wont juke out many defenders but he is tough to stop when he gets up to full steam in the lane. He hasnt been used much as a receiver so that area of his game is still raw. Ball security has been an issue for him this season. 




#34 Maurice Wells  5-10, 190, So.

Stats: 46 carries for 171 yards, 3.7 yards, one touchdown, three catches for 55 yards


The other Wells is the Buckeyes change of pace back.  He brings speed and explosiveness to the fold. He will occasionally split out as a receiver and has big play potential if he gets the ball in space. He isnt much of a power runner and spends too much time trying to evade defenders. He isnt a big fan of running inside and looks to break plays to the outside.



Split End:

#80 Brian Robiskie  6-3, 195, So.

Stats: 22 catches, 294 yards, four touchdowns


Scouting Report:

Robiskie has an excellent frame, and the body control to go with it. He has good, not great speed, and does his best work in the short to mid range passing game. He is a solid route runner who displays good burst out of his cuts and has reliable hands. Robiskie is an excellent red zone target.



#8 Roy Hall  6-3, 240, Sr.

Stats: 10 catches for 109 yards, one touchdown


Hall is a big bodied receiver who has gradually fell out of favor in the offense. He can move decently for his size but just doesnt have the quickness to separate consistently. He is tough to bring down after the catch because of his size and power. He has shown to be a tough blocker but effort in this department seems to come and go.



#7 Ted Ginn Jr.  6-0, 180, Jr.

Stats: 51 catches, 677 yards, eight touchdowns


Scouting Report:

Ginn is a true playmaker that is extremely tough to cover one on one downfield. He possesses elite acceleration. He has steadily improved as a receiver and is starting to become an all around player. His hands have shown improvement, his route running is crisper, and he is reading coverage better. Ginn is a threat to go the distance anytime he gets the ball in open space. He is somewhat of a strider which makes it harder for him gear down into cuts while concealing his routes. He doesnt play physical against the jam (when someone is actually brave enough to try it) but uses his quick feet to side step defenders. Ginn has busted man coverage downfield all season.



#5 Albert Dukes  6-1, 190, So.

Stats:  two catches for 11 yards


Dukes is from the same school as Santonio Holmes and has comparable speed.



#4 Ray Small  6-0, 175, Fr.

Stats:  8 catches, 68 yards, one touchdown


Small is coming off injury but is expected to play. He has shown flashes of his playmaking ability and will occasionally play the hybrid back position Ted Ginn plays in the shot-Ginn trips formation the Buckeyes run.


Slot Receiver:

#11 Anthony Gonzalez  6-0, 195, Jr.

Stats: 45 catches, 673 yards, seven touchdowns


Scouting Report:

Ginn makes all the big plays while Gonzalez keeps the drives going. 39 of his 45 receptions have resulted in first downs, including 10 of his last 11 catches. He works the middle of the field well from the slot position. He adjusts to the ball in the air and is one of the most sure handed receivers Ive seen all year. He has an excellent feel for coverage and can find soft spots against zone. Gonzalez runs quick, crisp routes and stays low to conceal his routes. He is a very smart player that is aware of down and distance. He isnt a burner but is capable of making plays downfield. He gives decent effort blocking but just doesnt get many results in this area.




#9 Brian Hartline  6-3, 180, Fr.

Stats: 13 catches, 222 yards, two touchdowns


Coming off his best performance of the year against Northwestern, Hartline could be one of those under the surface playmakers on Saturday. He has difference making speed and has shown great polish for a young player. Expect Hartline to be the fourth receiver in on Saturday.



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