Bo Schembechler Honored at the Big House

In memory of Bo Schembechler, family, hundreds of former Michigan football players, and thousands of friends and students gathered at the Big House early Tuesday afternoon to honor and celebrate the legendary coach's life.

On Tuesday November 21, 2006 thousands of Michigan fans and friends, and and hundreds of former Michigan football players that he had coached, showed up at the Big House to honor and celebrate the life of Wolverine coaching legend Bo Schembechler.

The ceremony began at 1:00 pm with speeches from University of Michigan's President Mary Sue Coleman and Athletic Director Bill Martin.

Rev. Randall, who had married Bo and his wife Cathy, said a few words in prayer for Bo.

Lloyd Carr was up next and gave a very wonderful speech full of memorable times he had with Bo. Carr finished his speech with the statement that describes Bo perfectly, "Bo will be remembered as The Michigan Man!"

After Carr spoke Jamie Morris told of his personal experiences with Bo as a former player and friend. Morris told stories ranging from his recruiting days when he first met Bo to his recent days with Bo. Morris addressed the former players saying that Bo will never die and, "If you want to hear him, just stop and listen to your heart."

After Morris spoke the ceremony continued with speeches from Mitch Albom, Bob Forman, Reggie McKenzie, Bill Tompkins, John Robinson, Gary Moeller, Dan Dierdorf, and concluded with Bo's son Shemy Schembechler. Each speaker told personal stories and experiences of Bo, painting the picture of a beloved legend, coach, and father.

The ceremony was concluded in True Blue form with a performance from the Michigan band playing both the Michigan alma mater and Hail to the Victors.

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