"SteveAng" Crunches the BCS Polls' Numbers

A MUST READ. Going into Sat. it was unanimous that if USC beat UCLA they'd play OSU for the NC, but if SC lost then it'd be U-M. However, after Fla. beat Ark. Sat. evening, some of TV's talking heads changed their tune. GBW Poster "SteveAng" has it all figured out, computing exactly HOW MANY SWITCHED VOTES IT'LL TAKE in the Coaches and Harris polls for Fla. to pass U-M! A MUST READ for U-M fans!

It's a BCS nail-biter! And, Wow, did some of TV's "talking heads" sing a different song Saturday night than they did leading up to Saturday's games.

First, here's the "One Legitimate Argument" for which team should face Ohio State -- as stated by ESPN's 'talking head' Kirk Herbstreit: the BCS is designed solely to match the two best teams in the Championship game. So voters must vote as #2 the team they think is second best -- nothing else matters. If a voter thinks that Florida belongs in the game because of (see: Dumb Reasons stated below), then they should, in Herbstreit's words, "ABSTAIN FROM VOTING."

ABC's talking heads Doug Flutie and John Saunders concur with Herbstreit -- and both stated last night that they think Michigan is the second best team. By the way, "Vegas" concurs as well, making Michigan a hypothetical 6 point favorite over Florida on a neutral field.

But viewers also heard a lot of dumb reasons last night for polsters to pick Florida as #2.

Dumb Reasons for Fla. to jump over U-M:

ABC talking head Craig James stated them 'best' (worst?), and, by the way, never made the one argument that might hold water -- that Fla. is the better team.

Instead, he said:
-- #1. Florida won their conference, Michigan didn't (this argument would make U-M, what, 6th in the country, behind all major conference winners?)
-- #2. Florida played 13 games to U-M's 12 (huh? what?)
-- #3. Florida "deserves a shot" (a good argument for a playoff, but extraneous in this case)
-- #4. Florida's "whole body of work" is better than Michigan's ( I guess this argument implies that James thinks the SEC is the strongest league in the US this year ... the implication then is that the SEC winner should play in the title game this year, no matter what???).
-- #5. Never did James make the argument that Fla. is, in his opinion, the better team (did we already mention that?)

ESPN talking head Lee Corso added a couple more, while not saying HE'D vote because of these reasons, just saying his "fellow coaches will:"

-- #6. Michigan "had its shot" ... in other words, no rematch (Fla. coach Urban Meyer echoed this argument on ESPN last night ... of course Meyer is too wet behind the ears at Fla. to know that Fla. won its last NC in a rematch).
-- #7. The SEC got robbed a couple years ago when an undefeated Auburn got left out of he NC game, and the SEC will be "really mad" if it's left out again. This could be called the 'politician's argument' ... and is just as pathetic as if U-M would argue that it should be in the game because if was 'robbed' of half a NC in '97.

Urban Meyer also threw in the (#8) "America wants to see Fla. vs. OSU" argument ... however ESPN's own fan polling showed that the public favored Michigan 53% to 47%, and that the only states voting for Florida were the SEC states, Texas, Utah and ... Ohio (guess THEY know what is the one team they don't want to have to try to beat again).

Michigan Head Coach LLoyd Carr also spoke via telephone with ESPN last night, and would only say a team should not be penalized for finishing its season 2 weeks ago. Other than that he would not bite on the "we should be picked" bait.

So, what is actually going to happen when the BCS Selection Show airs at 8 PM EST tonight? Are 8 Dumb Reasons enough to outweigh One Legit Reason? No one can say for sure.

However, what it would take for Florida to pass Michigan in the Harris, Coaches and Computer polls ... that is a matter that can be addressed. And GoBlueWolverine poster "SteveAng" has done just that. A week ago all BCS poll components -- Harris Poll, Coaches' Poll, Computer Polls -- had U-M ranked above Florida. "SteveAng" has mathematically worked out just how many Harris and Coaches poll votes would have to switch this week from Michigan to Florida in order for the Gators to jump over the Wolverines.

It's a MUST READ for Michigan fans!

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SteveAng crunches BCS Numbers

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