Michigan Eyeing Illinois C Bret Thompson

The Wolverines have identified yet another 2008 target from the state of Illinois. This time it's 6-11 big man Bret Thompson. GoBlueWolverine had the chance to speak with the young man about where his recruitment stands at this point, his favorite, and more.

Michigan has begun to show you interest. How is that going?

“Well it is early right now. I have had a chance to talk with assistant coach Mike Jackson and he came down to a game. Coach Jackson seems to be a nice gentleman. When we text each other he wants to know how my family is doing.”

What would it take for you to become more interested in Michigan?

“I need to be offered a scholarship. That would tell me that they believe in me and would know that I am an asset to them.”

What other schools are recruiting you?

Purdue, Notre Dame, LSU, MSU, Southern Illinois, St. Louis Northwestern, and Bradley. St. Louis, LSU and Southern Illinois have offered scholarships.”

Most of these teams are in the Midwest. How does LSU fit in?

“I have family down there that I am close to in Baton Rouge so that is why I am interested in them.”

Is distance a factor in you decision?

“Yes it is. I am very close with my mom so I would like to be close where she could see me play.”

Does it matter if you go to one of the bigger programs?

“No, I am looking for a program that suits me and my needs. I don’t want to go to a big program if I am not going to be appreciated.”

What type of program are you looking for?

“Academics are very important. I would like to go to a school that has a good medical program and a good computer science program. Athletically I would like a coach that works with big guys and a team I can play in the post and on the perimeter with. I would prefer a team that utilizes their big men, not the run and gun… but something like the motion offense. I want the type of team that has a good family atmosphere and team chemistry.”

Is there a player whose game you would compare yours to?

“Dirk Nowitski. I can dish, shoot the three, drive and play on the perimeter. My stats for this year are 25 points, 11 rebounds and 10 blocks per game.”

Do you have a leader at this time?

“Yes. I would say St. Louis and Coach Brad Soderberg right now. I am impressed with the way he has recruited me. The way he is driven to come and recruit me. He has been very straightforward and honest with my recruitment. That is how I want to be recruited.”

Go Blue Wolverine also had the chance to see what Bret’s mom Cheryl had to say about recruiting.

How has recruiting been going for your son?

“It has been quite interesting… the caliber of schools that are recruiting my son. My heart feels very good for him he has been a gifted player since he was young. He has worked his butt off to get here and I am pleased with that.”

What type of college are you looking at for your son to attend?

“A school that will take care of him. I want him to go somewhere that the campus life is nice. I want a coach that will look after him. Someone where if he gets in trouble academically, they will be there to help him. I want to know how much do they look after there players. I am looking for a coach that is familiar with big guys. Is it the caliber of school with good academics that will help him get his degree? I just want what is the best for my son.”

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