Coach Says Woolfolk Had Tremendous Year

The Michigan Wolverines slipped into the Lone Star state this year to grab a couple of talented athletes in DB Troy Woolfolk and LB Brandon Herron. GoBlueWolverine caught with their coach at Dulles high, Jim Creech, to discuss their season's and talk about where they project on the next level. In this feature Coach Creech focuses his comments on Woolfolk.

When Dulles High cornerback Troy Woolfolk committed to Michigan back in June, it only marked the start of a big year according to his head coach, Jim Creech. The 6-1, 180-pounder switched positions for the sake of the team, and it turned out to be a great move both individually and collectively. Woolfolk thrived in his new role and was one of the keys to his team’s 8-3 season and birth in the playoffs.

“Troy had a tremendous year,” Creech said. “He started off at cover corner. About four games in, we moved him to safety. It was a really smart move by us because he just really took off. He had a great year, ending up with six or seven interceptions. He was one of our leading tacklers on the team, and more importantly, with his kind of speed, every run was cut pretty short.”

Woolfolk had a number of highlights from his centerfield position. His outstanding range allowed him the opportunity to make plays that most observers considered improbable. For Coach Creech, one such play stands as a vibrant illustration of the youngster’s superior speed.

“Troy made so many plays for us the last three years that it’s hard to pick one that sticks out,” said Creech. “One that does come to mind, though, was a play he made this year. It was a pass play against Bush High school, I think. He came from the far right hash at free safety. The receiver was wide open running down the sideline. Troy not only got over there in time to break up the pass, he intercepted it and got a foot down right on the edge! It was an unbelievable, unbelievable play. The guy was WIDE OPEN with nobody around, and then Troy shows up like a phantom. The opposing coach told me after the game that he could not believe Troy made that play.”

With all the success Woolfolk had at safety this year, it stands to question, might that be his position in college as well? Creech believes it’s a distinct possibility.

“I always thought he was safety anyway,” he said. “But we played him at corner because we have another young man who’s a junior who’s also a really good defensive back. We wanted Troy to lock down receivers and be able to do some things with our front. We ended up not having a safety that was a very good. The young man stepped up and moved him to safety.”

“After talking to Fred Jackson and some of the guys at Michigan, they really believe he can be a corner,” Creech continued. “I have a feeling he is going to be a really big kid like his dad. I don’t think Troy is even close to being done growing. His body hasn’t matured. I think he is going to be a pretty good sized kid and he will strike you. Troy will knock the fire out of you and really enjoys doing it! His growth over the next two years is going to determine where he ends up playing. He’s just going to eat, get in the weight room, get stronger, and mature. He’s going to be over 200 pounds. If he gets too big to be a corner, they’ll probably move to safety. But that remains to be seen.

Regardless of where Woolfolk lines up for the Wolverines, it is clear to Creech that the youngster’s terrific speed is going to be an extremely valuable asset.

“I think with his speed he’ll have great range and ability to recover,” said Creech. “The one thing that Troy can do over everything else is he can run. There’s no doubt about that. No one can dispute that. They can dispute size, they can dispute whether he has got hips to play corner… the one thing that no one can dispute is he is fast as hell. You don’t run a 10.4 electronic as a junior and have one of the fastest times in the country and call it a fluke. Again, I think that it’s going to depend on how he matures, but he is always going to be fast. That’s not going to change. He is not going to slow down. He is just going to get faster. I think he wants to run a little track at Michigan too. If he does that, I don’t know that he’d get quite as big with all the cardio that’s involved. From a development standpoint, the next two years are going to be really really interesting with Troy.”

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Coach Creech’s comments on his other player headed to Michigan, LB Brandon Herron.

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