OL Donald Stephenson: "Sunday type player"

Blue Springs, just outside Kansas City, is a Missouri football powerhouse, going (GBW's unofficial count) 64-12 in 6 years under Coach Kelly Donohoe. Donohoe spoke this morning (Thurs.) to GoBlueWolverine about his offensive tackle Donald Stephenson, who is visiting U-M in January. Read these "Best of" type comments the coach made about Stephenson, in this, Part One, of our interview with him.

Coach Donohoe on OT Donald Stephenson as a player:

"Blue Springs is a big school, 6-A, the largest designation here in Missouri, and we've been a powerful program (two championships in the past six years) ... but of all the kids I've had through his program, and many of them have gone on to play in college, his young man, without question - is the only Sunday type player I can say I've had here."

"He's 6-6, 6-7, he has very long arms, and he has SPEED, he can RUN. And the number one thing -- he is MEAN on football field. He has toughness, and a meanness -- he wants to just maim the guy (figuratively speaking of course). You don't get that in an offensive lineman. He just explodes through people. He's ONE HECK of a football player."

"He just moved here In the summer (transferred from Kansas City Central) ... had he been in our program for the past four years there's no doubt he'd be a top 10 guy nationally."

"Coach Moeller, Coach Stoops, all the coaches who have been through here -- they all say there is no one with better potential."

And on Stephenson as a person:

"He's new to you guys (Michigan fans), but he has had many reporters calling that he has pretty much stopped picking up the phone. But don't misjudge him on that -- he's a great character kid ... he never depicted himself as a big-timer coming into our program, he fit right in."

GoBlueWolverine note: in Part Two of our interview, Coach Donohoe goes over Stephenson's recruiting process.

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