Don Stephenson: "He has a list of 10 things."

In Part Two of GoBlueWolverine's interview with the head coach of Kansas City offensive tackle Donald Stephenson, Coach Troy Donohoe talks about his OT's recruiting process and whether Michigan is really in it.

Coach Donohoe on OT Donald Stephenson (6-6, 280) from Blue Springs, Missouri.

As far as his scholarship offers:

"Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska have offered. Oklahoma has offered. And as much time as Andy Moeller has spent here now I'm sure Michigan has offered (GBW note: or they will make it official at the visit when he meets with Coach Carr, etc. ... no doubt on this kid though)."

As far as his January visits: " I believe he has moved his Oklahoma visit ahead of Michigan."

(GBW note: which would make Oklahoma Jan, 12 and Michigan Jan. 19, giving U-M the last visit!).

As far as whether Stephenson has his heart set on the Big 12, or whether he'll actually consider playing in the Big Ten:

"He grew up Kansas City ... I don't think he has any certian allegience to a team or a league."

"So Michigan has a chance -- no one has the lead -- Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska (GBW note: those were the three schools he visited in December), Michigan and Oklahoma. He's trying to feel it all out, soak it all in. He's a smart kid ... he has a list of 10 things he has come up with to evaluate schools: things like the football program, the depth chart at tackle, training table, study table, his position coach, the head coach, the graduation rate, academic support, the training table, the campus atmosphere ... things like that. So he has a solid approach to this."

"He has made his list on ten things. And he will make check marks for each of the schools and pick the one that comes out highest."

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