Q & A With Jason Washburn

GoBlueWolverine hit the road for a little prep hoop action last week and had the chance to catch 6-11 Jason Washburn in action. The 2008 big man had a tough time during the contest against Inkster high, but the Battle Creek (MI) Academy star has identified the things he needs to work on to take his game to the next level.

Jason Washburn Profile

How’s your season going so far, for you and the team?

"I think it is going good. So far we are 4-1. It is a good solid start. Our team has things we need to work on but we are going to get it done."

Today was a tough game for you. How do you think you played?

"I think I have had better games. Smaller teams are always a little more difficult to play against. I like playing against guys my size. Little guys get low and are able to get into my size and push me out of the paint. I fought my hardest today and it was a decent game, though I have had better games."

I noticed that you have a right hook and a face up jump shot.

"Those are my two favorite shots. I shot the fade away a couple times and it didn’t fall, but I kept going at it. I always get two or three to fall. I had some face up moves tonight, but getting triple teamed, I had to rely on my baseline hook and it seemed to work well for me."

Lavell Blanchard came in and spoke with you all after the game. What did he have to say?

"Coach knows Lavell and he knows our program. Coach introduced us to him. I use to watch him. He was a very good player and I always wanted to meet him. had that chance to and it was an honor to speak with him."

Who are the schools that are interested in you right now?

"Well Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana Connecticut and Duke those are my top five right now."

Have you had a chance to visit any of these schools?

"I am up at Michigan State all the time and I am up at Michigan all the time. I have been up to Indiana a couple times. I will make most of my official visits this summer."

What have you improved on since the summer?

"From last year to this year I got a little bigger. I went down to Nike Camp over the summer and played with some of the best players in the country. They really showed me what I need to work on... defending the court, and my post game has gotten a lot better. This year, just my all around game has improved."

What's the biggest weakness that you need to work on?

"My defense. My feet are slow I've got to find a way to improve on it. Of course I have to get stronger. I am not nearly as strong as I should be. I really need to shoot my jumper a little better. Last year that was my way of scoring. This year it is not and I have to get it back or teams will try and make me into a one-dimensional player. The teams we play will be able to figure me out very easy."

Overall are you happy with your progress so far?

"I have made a lot of improvements from last year to this year. I can tell that I have improved from the first game to the fourth game. My team leans on me and they depend on me. That gives me a sense that I have play harder. I have to keep going and that is what drives me to do better every second."

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