Younger Players Speak on the Future

Several of Michigan's younger players spoke to GoBlueWolverine Saturday about what the future holds for them next season on the Wolverines ... position switches and possible adjustments are highlighted.

From some of the young and/or returning players:

The first three comments: looking forward to next season's O-line:

Adam Kraus (who has really slimmed down, even moreso, he looks 6-5, 290): "I've been taking some snaps at center. I'd play it if they want me to."

Justin Boren (still growing in height, he looks over 6-3 now): "I've just never played center before, but I've been taking some snaps there, yes."

Alex Mitchell (who has also really slimmed down, even moreso, he looks 6-5, 290): "I've been taking snaps at both guard and tackle. I've always said I liked guard better, but I'd play either."

Shawn Crable (on returning for his final season): "Why wouldn't I come back? I haven't accomplished anything here year, that's my view. I was surprised when people started asking me if I was coming back."

Brandon Graham (looking big but not overly so, and in great shape): "I'm playing defensive end -- that's my spot! I'm 260 pounds and can play pretty fast at this weight."

James McKinney: "I'm taking a few snaps at defensive end, but it looks like defensive tackle. Marques (Slocum) and I have talked about playing D-tackle together. I'll let Graham have the defensive end spot."

McKinney on Marques Slocum: "He's doing fine. He's not out here though -- the rules don't allow it now. He's doing well in school."

Jonas Mouton: "Yeah, I'm playing linebacker -- how did you know already! I'm playing SAM linebacker. I like it."

Johnny Sears: "I appreciate the experience I got when I played this year, especially in the Michigan State game. I'm looking forward to next season."

Willis Barringer: "I'm 100%. If USC overlooks me, that'd be great!"

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