ESPN Analysts Have U-M/Fla Verbal Brawl

It was Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit versus Craig James -- Florida or Michigan? Finally, in the Rose Bowl Media Room on this Sunday morning, Fowler and Herbstreit got James to admit the truth.

GoBlueWolverine will have the full audio of this verbal brawl.

Chris Fowler had the opening volley:

"I voted Michigan number two in my AP ballot. This is the first time the final poll was done to arrange a match-up, not on the merits of the quality of the teams. In my opinion if Florida and Michigan played on a neutral field, Michigan would win."

"If Michigan wins, and the Glendale (the NC game) game turns out a certain way ... there are certainly some AP voters who are disgruntled in the system ..."

Craig James: "I voted on who was the 'most deserving' team."

Chris Fowler: "I voted based on who was the best team."

Herbstreit: "I voted using the same thinking as Chris."

James: "If you were to ask me out in the parking lot, who would win, Michigan of Florida, I'd say Michigan. Michigan is the better team."

Herbstriet: "So we can agree, Michigan is better than Florida?"

James: "Yes. Michigan got penalized because the Big Ten does not have a conference championship game."

There we have it.

Other Talking Head items:

Bob Davie:

"For bowl preparation there are no NCAA rules -- you can practice as much as you want, you can meet as much as you want. So coaches have to decide what's best. I'm sure Pete Carroll doesn't know for sure, and Lloyd Carr doesn't know for sure. I know I obviously never figured it out, that's why I'm up here right now."

Lee Corso:

"This game really helps your recruiting. 90% of the top prospect in the country watch this game, especially in the Midwest."

"It also puts you in a position to be ranked high in the preseason poll next year."

"So this is an important game for these two programs."

Craig James did make one perceptive remark, on the game:

"Both teams are close in talent level, although USC is a little bit younger. But -- you don't know who is going to show up."

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