REWIND: The Weekend in Michigan Sports

Why is Lloyd Carr so calm this year? How is the offensive line doing? Find those answerest, plus catch up with Drew Henson and Alan Webb.

Michigan Football

FREEP - Navarre to start

DET NEWS - NOTEBOOK (Malone will sit in the booth, Kicking update)

DET NEWS - Q&A with Victor Hobson

DET NEWS - Navarre to start

OP - Backfield Analysis

OP - Navarre to start

AA NEWS - Offensive line is challenging itself

AA NEWS - COLUMN Carr is calm for a reason


Washington Football

SEATTLE TIMES - Running game analysis, notes on scrimmage

SEATTLE TIMES - LB moving to the backfield

SEATTLE PI - Daily Husky NOTEBOOK every day


Michigan Basketball

AA NEWS - Amaker planning busy preseason


Other News

FREEP - Webb begins his career as a professional runner

FREEP - Drew Henson still can't play baseball

AANEWS - Field hockey drops exhibition

AANEWS - Update on new baseball coach at 'M'

AANEWS - WTKA has new show

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