'08 Intro: NC Safety Robert Blanton (*MORE*)

Butler High (Charlotte, NC) was kind to Michigan in 2005, sending them Jamar Adams. The Maize & Blue is looking to tap into that pipeline again after another of the school's players was one of the top players in attendance at Michigan's annual summer camp. That player was 6-2,175-lb CB/S Robert Blanton. GBW sat down with him at the Army combine last weekend and got the latest on his recruitment.

How did your season go last year?

“We had a great season. Our quarterback broke our school passing record. Our running back broke both the state scoring and rushing records. I got defensive player of the year for North Carolina. I had 147 tackles, seven interceptions, 12 break-ups, three blocked kicks, two touchdowns. I made first team all-state and everything.”

You went to the Michigan summer camp last year and turned a lot of heads. Talk about that experience.

“It was great. I have a great coach, Coach Shaughnessy. Everything he told me I tried to pick up on it quick. We went down there and everything he said was true. I just really listened to what he said. You get great coaching you’re going to make great plays I guess.”

What were your impressions of Ron English?

“He was great coach. He had some quicker footwork drills. With him and Coach Shaughnessy, most drills are the same. One was different, so I’ve been working on (Coach English’s) more. That’s a college coach and if that’s how he wants it, that’s how you’ve got to do it.”

Did you get a chance to meet with Coach Carr while you were there?

“Yes. He pulled me into his office and that’s when he offered me a scholarship. I talked him about the academics. He asked about my family a lot. We talked about golf because I saw that he had a little put-put range in there for himself, so I talked about giving him a beat down in golf. He is a great man and a great coach.”

Jamar Adams comes from your high school. Do you ever talk to him?

“Yes, we always talk. He’s a very smart player. He taught me some moves too. He taught me about a way to strip the ball. If you aren’t going to pick it off you might as well break it up. He taught me a lot of good drills. He’s great. He’s a great person. He taught me a lot of things. He’s not one of those stingy people that will keep things from you. He has been a great person in my life.”

Did you camp anywhere else?

”We went to a one day camp at North Carolina and the offered me there. The other camp we went to was Appalachian State. That was our team camp.”

Are you going to hit the camp circuit again this year?

“Yes. I think I’m going to go to a lot of one day camps just to get a feel for the competition. Really that’s all I will go to the camps for… just to see the receivers compete against them.”

Do you think you will you make it back to Michigan?

“I hope so. We always go up there. We’ve got a bunch of guys going up there so I think I’m going to go up there with them.”

What other offers do you have?

Louisville, Virginia Tech, South Carolina, North Carolina State, Wake Forest… a bunch of them.”

Do you have a top list of schools you’re looking at?

“I’ve got Michigan, Louisville, Virginia Tech, and South Carolina.”

Those are the schools you’re looking at the hardest?

“Yes sir.”

Are all of these schools recruiting you at corner?

“Virginia Tech, I think, is looking at me at safety. Some are looking at me at safety and some are looking for me at corner.”

Have you played corner your entire high school career?

“In the defense we play, sometimes I’ll play corner and sometimes I’ll play safety. Most times I play corner though.”

Do you have a preference?

“It doesn’t matter.”

What will be the most significant factors in your choice?

“Academics. I want to get a great business degree so when I have all of this money I’ll know what to do with it. (Laughing)”

Do you have a timetable for when you’d like to make your decision?

“I’m probably going to get it done before (signing day). I’m going to try and take a couple of visits. Me and one of my coaches are going to go down with a couple of other players and visit a lot of colleges so we can get a feel for them.”

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