Thompkins Looking South

Howard "Trey" Thompkins is one of the top ten junior prospects in the class of 2008 and the University of Michigan has one of the teams hot on his trail. GoBlueWolverine had a chance to sit down with him after one of his recent games to discuss his recruitment and where Maize & Blue fit into it.

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It seems as if everywhere you go the crowds really get after your team?

"Well we know that wherever we go we know that type of thing is coming our way."

What has Coach Smith done to prepare you all for this type of treatment?

"The first game of the season he said it is us against the world, so that is what we bank on and that is what we are rolling with."

You just recently visited Florida.  How did that go for you?

"It went very well.  It was just a great atmosphere a lot of people showing a lot of love. Right when you pull into Gainesville it is all blue and orange it is the only college in the area, man it was just all love."

Can you give us a top five of schools that you are solid on?

"Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, and Florida State."

Would you say right now that Florida is your leader at this time?

"Yes Florida is my leader right now."

Has Michigan been one of the teams on contact with you?

"Definitely. I like Michigan too they are just kind of far from home and I am a guy that is close to my momma. I feel like I want to be close to her so she can make my games. I grew up playing around my family so when they let me come to Oak Hill I said one day I am going to come back and play near them. Right now the travel is tough for them so I would like to play where they can come see me. At the same time I would like to go up to Michigan and take a visit because I hear it is a nice place."

So you still plan on coming up to Ann Arbor on March 3rd?

"Yes sir.  I will be coming with my father Howard Thompkins Jr. and my Uncle Marvin Haggans."

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