2007 Scouting Report: Mark Huyge

With only a few weeks left until signing day, GoBlueWolverine's Josh Turel breaks down each player in Michigan's 2007 class. In this report he scouts Grand Rapids (MI) Catholic Central OL Mark Huyge.

Mark Huyge
Catholic Central HS
6-5, 275
High School Position: Offensive Tackle
College Position: Offensive Tackle (Right Tackle)

Main Strengths: Athleticism, Growth Potential
Main Weaknesses: Technique, Polish, Finishing Ability

Scouting Report::

Mark Huyge is a project lineman that the staff will be able to build up to fit the new blocking scheme. Huyge is an example of the new focus in recruiting where athletic ability is more important than mauling size and strength. Huyge has an excellent frame and certainly has enough length to him to accommodate 300+ pounds. The upside is his ability to move. He doesn’t maul defenders in the running game, but in the zone scheme he won’t have to. Huyge packs a pretty good punch with his hands but he doesn’t use them to his advantage.  He sometimes fails to get a  leverage advantage on defenders. He tends to lose battles with lineman for streaks because of poor hand placement, a weak base, and/or playing too high. Huyge must also polish up his blocking angles, his footwork, and his ability finishing blocks. These are all correctable mistakes.  The good news is Huyge is a very good athlete and it shows on film. He is very comfortable in space and won’t have problems on the move. He already is a fairly decent pass blocker, but his technique needs a little work. His lateral footwork looks a bit slow at times, which makes him vulnerable.  However, at the right side tackle position he would be able to do a serviceable job.


This is part of a new type of of recruiting focus for lineman at Michigan, who has been traditionally mauler types. A Mark Ortmann with slightly less potential is a good comparison.


It will take some time for Huyge is able to push for a position on the depth chart. As of right now he doesn’t play with good enough pad level to project as a center, but could develop into a right tackle reserve in the zone blocking scheme. Overall, Huyge is a project on the offensive line and time will tell if he is able to show the type of potential Michigan is hoping for.

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