2007 Scouting Report: Troy Woolfolk.

With only a few weeks left until signing day, GoBlueWolverine's Josh Turel breaks down each player in Michigan's 2007 class. In this report he scouts Sugarland, TX DB Troy Woolfolk.

Troy Woolfolk
6-0, 179
Dulles High School
Sugarland, Texas
High School Position: Wide Receiver, Defensive Back
College Position: Cornerback

Main Strengths: Speed, Quickness, Hands, Range
Main Weaknesses: Size, Strength, Instincts, Technique

Scouting Report:

The son of ex-Wolverine running back Butch Woolfolk, Troy Woolfolk committed to Michigan shortly after camp last summer. The main questions are whether he has more on offense or defense and whether he'd be a better safety or corner.  Surprisingly, I think Woolfolk would fit in really well as a slot receiver at the next level. That being said, because of Michigan's numbers at that position, it is likely Woolfolk will at least start out on defense.

As a cornerback, Woolfolk displays enough of the tools needed to contribute down the line. His main assets are his acceleration and speed.  Those traits give him the raw materials to succeed in man coverage. He has very quick feet and good body control, but he does tend to be high in his back pedal, and that opens him up to losing leverage on routes. Woolfolk has solid hips but they don’t get much of a workout as Dulles is almost exclusively a zone coverage team. In addition, he spent a great deal of his high school career at safety.  Because of that his man coverage skills will need to be developed in college. He lacks instincts in man coverage because of inexperience, but on the flip side, Woolfolk looks very much at ease in zone.

Woolfolk surprisingly physical for his size, but the lack of sheer bulk and strength will limit that part of his game early in his career.  One of the things he must focus on now is equipping himself to play strong at the college level. The fact that he already has a physical mentality  will make him an asset in run support if he packs on the necessary size.  As a wide receiver Woolfolk gains separation out of breaks on a consistent basis, has outstanding hands, and he is a playmaker. He also has excellent ball skills on both sides of the ball.


Johnny Sears with more straight-line speed, but not quite as quick.


Woolfolk will need a redshirt season and a few season to get accustomed to the college game. He will first need to get bigger and learn the a coverage other than just standard cover 2. He doesn't yet possess the size to play as physical as he did on the high school level.  The good news is he at least has the desire to be a tough player. His athletic ability will allow him to contribute in some fashion down the line, but he probably won’t be a star caliber player.  He will start out at corner, but definitely could move to safety if he gets too big or it becomes evident that he doesn't have the hips to be out on an island.  If there was a bigger need at wide receiver, I certainly think Woolfolk would project just as well, and maybe even better there.  Because of needs in the secondary, look or Woolfolk to definitely end up on defense. 

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