Renaldo Sagesse: "Michigan is big-time!"

Montreal Vieux defensive tackle Renaldo Sagesse is home from his last minute visit to Michigan this weekend. GoBlueWolverine caught him when he got home -- he talks about the decision that is before him now.

Montreal Vieuz defensive tackle Renaldo Sagesse made a last minute visit to Michigan this weekend. He told GoBlueWolverine all about it.

How was your visit?

"It went well ... you know what to expect at Michigan, it's a big-time program. I'm a little overwhelmed about the situation they laid out for me there. Michigan is big-time!"

Are you aware of the Vieux guys who have played at Michigan (Alain Kashama, Emmanuel Casseus, Dietan Dubuc)?

"Oh yeah, these guys, they played before me ... and Emmanuel Casseus was my position coach this year, so he told me all about what to expect at Michigan."

Who was your host at the visit, and who did you hang around with?

"Greg Banks was my host, and his roommate is Adam Patterson ... I spent most of my time with those two guys. They are defensive ends and would like me to play defensive tackle next to them."

Did Michigan offer you a scholarship?

"Yeah. Actually they had already offered me a week ago, but yeah, when I met with Coach Carr he reassured me of their offer."

When did Michigan start recruiting you?

"Michigan first started recruiting me about 3 or 4 weeks ago. And we just set this visit on Thursday."

So how do things stand for you now?

"The thing is ... I'd already committed to Illinois ... but now that Michigan is in the race, I really have to ... reconsider things."

"As of right now, it's between Illinois and Michigan ... Illinois had the edge, but now that Michigan has come after me, you know ... I am really undecided at this point. I'll say both schools are even. I have to think about it now for a little while."

When will Michigan be in your home?

"Coach Stripling will be coming to see me this week, and Coach Carr maybe the week after."

What are your stats -- height and weight, and stats for the year?

"I'm 6-4, 300 or 305 at the most. I really don't keep my stats though, I just play for me team."

Note: there is a reported combine 40 time of 4.88 for Segasse. And click HERE for an article saying Segasse was named All-Tournament Team for the NFL-Europe Global Junior Championships, in which the Canadian team beat the USA team to win the event.

One thing that will not be a problem for Sagesse is his English -- it is nearly flawless. He said, "Well, it's not perfect, but I watch TV a lot."

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