Ron Kremer Joins TheInsiders and Wolverine Insider are proud to announce the addition of Ron Kremer, one of the best and most respected Sports Columnists in the Midwest. Kremer has more than 20 years of Journalism experience.

Kremer Bio:

Ronald J. Kremer

Sports writer/columnist

6-0, 180

Shorewood, Ill.

Born: November, 14, 1959, Detroit, Mich.

As a kid: Lived in Livonia. Father taught at the University of Detroit in the days of Dick Vitale, later took a position at Northern Illinois University.

Experience: Kremer has worked as a sports writer for 20 years, covering high school and college football in the state of Illinois and around the Midwest. Friends call him "Big Ten Ron." Enemies, well, that's another story. He is also the lead golf writer/columnist at The Joliet (Ill.) Herald News.

Hooked on Michigan football: Age 9. Bo beat Woody on that fateful day in November of 1969. Little did I know the enormity of the accomplishment. Who's kidding who: I simply fell in love with the Wolverines' winged helmets, big crowds and big tradition.The Buckeyes had what was billed as college football's greatest team. Michigan had Bo and belief it could pull off one of the game's stunning upsets.

Heaven on earth: When Michigan beat Washington State to wrap up an undefeated season, claiming a share of the national championship in 1997.

Favorite song: The Star Spangled Banner. I know the words by heart. I hear them before every game. Occasionally, I sing along, but my voice is worse than that of coach Lloyd Carr in the locker room leading the team in a rendition of The Victors after a Michigan win.

Favorite bumper sticker: The Lord is my shepherd, but Bo is my coach.

Trust in Lloyd: The stamp of approval in Lloyd Carr's career as head coach at Michigan goes on the box marked Selecting a Starting Quarterback. Scott Dreisbach, Brian Griese, Tom Brady, Drew Henson and, now, John Navarre. Carr always has picked the best man for the job, though his decisions sometimes have been unpopular. Watch Navarre get the job done, and the Spencer Brinton crowd settle into silence.

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