In Depth with DE Dexter Heyman

Louisville, Kentucky is home to one of's top 100 juniors and a member of the Army All-American Combine second team all-combine defense: defensive end/outside linebacker Dexter Heyman. GoBlueWolverine spoke with Heyman Dexter in San Antonio, and GBW followed up again with him – Michigan fans will like what follows!

Louisville, Kentucky is home to one of's top 100 juniors and a member of the Army All-American Combine second team all-combine defense in Dexter Heyman. GoBlueWolverine spoke with Dexter in San Antonio and again very recently to talk more in depth with the future star.

Dexter Heyman isn't your typical high school athlete. His older brother Earl played in the Army All-American game a couple of years ago and now is currently a sophomore at the University of Louisville. Dexter started playing football at the age of 6. During his sophomore year he played defensive end and wide receiver, while this past year, he mostly played linebacker, safety and a little bit of fullback. He is 6-foot-3 and a half and a little over 215 pounds. He recorded a 32-inch vertical and a 4.9 sec. 40 time that he was clearly disappointed in, "I'm definitely going to get that down." Watching Dexter play, you get the sense that his football speed is a lot faster than his 40 time may suggest. "A lot of people say that I'm built like [current NFL pro-bowler and Philadelphia Eagle defensive end] Jevon Kearse because I have really long arms. I really like the way he plays because he is a big guy, but he's fast and has great forward, backward, and lateral movement."

Dexter further explains what his strengths and weaknesses. "My game personally, I have really long arms and they are powerful. I think that I use my arms very well, both in shedding blocks. I also have a non-stop motor and that my athleticism and determination are my strengths. There are always things to work on and sometimes because I am a big guy, I get too high. I would also like to explode through blockers and explode through my tackles more."

Dexter is noticeably intelligent and he describes himself off the field as "a kind person and a people person. I'm very articulate and I'm a positive influence on others." In contrast, Dexter stated that among his goals, he would like to win a state championship and become more of a leader. "I need to become more vocal and be more of a leader for my team. I just want to get bigger, stronger, faster and play better football and make everyone around me play better."

Currently, Dexter is out of commission as he recently suffered a broken foot playing basketball. "Right now, I'm in a hard caste so I'm done with basketball…period." Although injured, he does intend on visiting numerous colleges throughout the summer. "I'm going to visit Clemson, South Carolina, Kentucky, Louisville, Notre Dame, and Michigan. Hopefully I can camp at Michigan."

Dexter said that he would like to commit early just to get the pressure off of his shoulders; however, he will want to wait until he is completely sure before committing to a school. "When I feel it in my heart that it's the right place, then I'll commit and I won't take any other visits." Considering so many athletes today are reneging on their original commitments, even after giving their word, this last part is a testament to his maturity. Choosing a school is a difficult decision for today's high school athlete. Dexter is looking for a school that has a strong academic reputation. Additionally, he will be examining the relationships between the coaches and players and trying to build a comfortable relationship with the coaches. He wants to go to a school that not only has great coaches, but he also wants a larger school where he can be surrounded by a welcoming environment and atmosphere that "lives and breathes football because I live and breathe football. I look more who went to a school and what they did afterwards, not only as what type of players, but the types of people they have become."

Growing up in Louisville, it was difficult for Dexter to really follow any other team. However, Dexter is far from a Louisville lock. Accordingly, he said that there were a group of schools that stuck out right now: Louisville, Florida, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan. I'm very open … wide open. Actually, if I had to pick a leader right now, then it would be Michigan."

Why Michigan? "I have really been interested in Michigan since the beginning of my junior year when I started receiving mail from them. They are a big-time football school. Year-in and year-out they have a special team."

Dexter watched many of Michigan's games this past season and one of them in particular stuck out. "I liked the Indiana game the most. Everything for Michigan was just clicking. They were dominating on defense."

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