RoJo's Recruitment in Home Stretch (Part I)

GoBlueWolverine has been in contact with the Johnson family all week, keeping tabs on the recruiting process as it winds down toward a conclusion. In part one of this exclusive feature, RoJo's mom provides her daily log of their interaction with college coaches over the past week.

Monday January 22:

"The University of Michigan was here in town most of the day.  They were up at the high school with Ronald and the coaches. I worked half a day so I spent sometime with Coach Ron English and Coach Steve Stripling. I had to leave to go see my daughter’s volleyball game and both coaches came to the game with me."      

Tuesday January 23:
"The University of Florida came to visit they stayed in town most of the day at the high school and visited with me. Their wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales came and they are recruiting Ronald as a wide receiver or maybe an athlete."

Wednesday January 24:

 "Michigan State University came to visit.  It was a short stay. They sent Harlan Barnett in to visit with us."

Thursday January 25:

"Ohio State was the first school in town to visit. Ohio State didn’t visit at home with us too long, but they spent a lot of time at the school. Coach Haynes and Hazel were here to see us."

"USC came to see us after Ohio State. Coach Brandon Carroll, the head coach's son came to visit.  He spent time at the school and at home with us. He was in town for most of the day. That was a very busy day."

Friday January 26:

"No visits on that day because Ronald left for his visit to the University of Florida."

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for part two, coming shortly.

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