RoJo's Recruitment in Home Stretch (Part II)

GoBlueWolverine has been in contact with the Johnson family all week, keeping tabs on the recruiting process as it winds down toward a conclusion. In part two of this exclusive feature, RoJo's mom discusses her son staying grounded despite all of the attention he has received, what she is looking for in a coach, and more.

Things have been hectic for the mother of one of the nation's top recruits and the state of Michigan's number one player, Ronald Johnson.  Mrs. Johnson has had to juggle her schedule so that she could take visits with her son and also interact with his prospective coaches. In addition, she has had to also make time also for another son playing football and a daughter playing volleyball. Working the midnight shift and keeping the kids grounded as a single parent is no small task. She has relied heavily on her faith to get her though when things get a little tough. That said, she is not complaining. She sees her kids' talents as blessings and something that opens the door to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for her children.

Let’s start from the beginning what made you start your two sons into football?

"I put them into football because they were young and energetic and it gave them something to do. They loved it and played all sports. It also helped me because they stayed out of trouble. Football helped to keep them grounded and very disciplined.  Before one game they were not taking care of business and I had the coach sit them down a whole quarter football. It put peer pressure on them with the other kids wondering why they were not playing."

What has been the best compliment you have gotten concerning your sons and what has been the most enjoyable thing you have gotten from having them play?

"That they are so well mannered and respectful.  That is what I have heard over the years and it makes me feel very good to hear that. The most enjoyable thing has been to watch them play football together… one on the left side and the other on the right side. I have really enjoyed that."

How has the city of Muskegon been to you all with all the attention Ronald is getting?

"They have been very receptive to them, some of the people have not had a chance to meet them but they will ask me about them. The whole town knows about the recruiting. As he left for his visit on Friday to the University of Florida, the driver that took him to the airport was asking him where he was going to college. Then as he got out of the car at the airport he was asked again... and then again at the ticket counter, so people know about what is going on with him.

When Ronald goes on visits do you have a pre-visit speech with him… sort of like how football coaches have a pre-game speech before the game?

"No not really, I just want him to enjoy himself while he is on those visits. I talk to him about staying open minded while he is on his visits."

What are you looking for in a coach, in terms of looking out for both of your sons for the college that they will attend?

"I am looking for someone that truly cares for my sons as individuals. They need to make sure they are very honest with us with what they are telling us. Honesty is the best policy.  Don’t just tell us anything just to get us to come your school. Also, what you told us in the beginning should be the same thing they follow through on when he attends that school."

 Handing over your most precious gifts to a coach to continue in your son’s development as young men seems a little hard for you.

"It is very hard because you cannot trust everyone. Whoever I turn them over too they should remember they are one of a kind. They are live precious diamonds or rubies and they should be treated accordingly."

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for part three, coming shortly.

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