RoJo's Recruitment in Home Stretch (Part III)

GoBlueWolverine has been in contact with the Johnson family all week, keeping tabs on the recruiting process as it winds down toward a conclusion. In part three of this exclusive feature, RoJo's mom discusses her thoughts on the recruiting process and lays out how and when the final decision will be made.

Now lets talk about recruiting. What were your thoughts on recruiting early on?

"I didn’t know how it was going to play out, all the calls and all the visits. It became very demanding with me working the swing shift (midnight shift). I know it can be overwhelming at times, but I try to keep it under control and not allow it to get out of hand."

What have been your impressions on the coaches?

"They have all been pretty nice guys so that has been good."

Where do you want your sons to attend school?

It really does not matter to me. I like all the schools. All of them are good academic programs.  I just want them to be successful where ever they go."

How has the recruitment of Ronald going to help better prepare you for Cory’s recruitment?

"I have learned a lot I will be better prepared with Cory. Nobody ever said it would be easy, or for someone to tell you to look for this or don’t look at that. This has prepared me tremendously when the time comes to go through it with Cory. My notes are mental I have not personally written down a lot of them but I have been keeping a journal so we will go back and analyze what has been going on."

When Ronald gets back from his visit in Florida can you give us an idea of how and when the decision will be made?

"We will be discussing his trip to Florida and how he felt about them. Sometime in the next week we will start putting things in perspective and getting down to making a decision. So we will shut things down and maybe just talk to the coaches and not do any interviews.  We would like to get started on where he will be attending college.

Where will Ronald be making his decision at?

"It will be at our church in Muskegon." 

How will you feel when all of this is over?

"When this is over it will be a big sigh of relief."

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for the final portion of our video interview with RoJo himself (which is set to come later today), and much more his recruitment in the days to come.

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