Is Michigan Out With RoJo?

Michigan coaches were supposed to be in Muskegon today making their in-home visit with Muskegon star Ronald Johnson. As GoBlueWolverine reported at daybreak this morning, in a swift turn of events, the visit was off and there were rumblings that the Wolverines were out. GBW has now got the latest on where things stand.

The news came suddenly and shockingly… and not many in Muskegon were expecting it.

"Late yesterday I was preparing for a basketball game and I got a call saying Ronald had dropped Michigan," said Muskegon assistant coach Tracy Lewis.  "Nobody saw this coming.  Even the (Muskegon) Chronicle had Michigan in the lead.  We're close to Ronald, see him everyday, and we just feel completely blindsided around here.  Not because he didn't go to Michigan, but because they weren't given the chance to still come up today."

Members of the Michigan coaching staff were scheduled to be in Muskegon for their in-home visit, but that plan was nixed at the behest of Johnson's mother.  Even after receiving the news of the sudden turn in events, the Michigan staff apparently continued to express a desire to still make their in-home, but they were asked not to.

"We didn't have any part of Michigan not being able to come," said Lewis.  "After the way they treated Ronald and continued to recruit him even when he was injured, we felt like they should at least be able to have their visit.  But Ronald's mom didn't want them to.  We don't know why.  She didn't tell us anything.  She just said she was the one handling things.  They are listening to a friend of the family instead of us, which is fine.  The point we tried to make is that there is a way to do things, but she doesn't want us handling him so he's not talking to us about his decision.  I'm fine with the whole thing.  I still feel close to Ronald, and I know we'll still talk.  I'm more disappointed for (head coach) Tony Annese because he has done a lot for Ronald and that is being totally overlooked."

"I don't know where he's going to go, but I think USC and Florida have the best shot," Lewis added.  "But again, I don't know."

GoBlueWolverine hopes to have more from Johnson himself later in the day.

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