2007 Scouting Report: Donovan Warren

With just five days left until signing day, GoBlueWolverine's Josh Turel continues to break down each player in Michigan's 2007 class. In this report he scouts Long Beach, CA CB Donvan Warren.

Donovan Warren
6-1, 176
Long Beach Polytechnic
Long Beach, California

Main Strengths: Polish, Footwork, Acceleration, Hips, Man Coverage
Main Weaknesses: Bulk

Scouting Report:

If you want to see a future NFL player in action, check out Donovan Warren. He has everything you would want in a cover cornerback and should be an outstanding player down the line for the Wolverines. The first thing that sticks out to you about Warren is his ability in man coverage. Despite his lack of bulk, he plays very tough for his size and never shies away from contact. He can play press against just about any receiver and does a good job in zone of using his physicality to funnel things inside. He has great hip fluidity, can change direction effortlessly, and does not lose any speed while doing so. Overall he has very good body control and is graceful for the position.

Warren is extremely polished for a player coming out of high school. His backpedal and planting ability is way ahead of schedule and won't need much work. He has displayed good, not great speed, and outstanding acceleration. He shows good awareness in zone coverage and works through his progressions well. Warren is solid against the run and is a pretty good tackler. He could use some fundamental work here but his desire more than makes up for what he lacks in that area. The lack of bulk and elite speed is the only thing keeping Warren away from being the top cornerback in this class but the gap isn't far. Warren should be able to contribute very early for the Wolverines because of the polish he has to his game. Because he plays in man coverage so well, it will allow Ron English to be more aggressive on defense. This is a great fit for the Wolverines and they are getting an outstanding player.


Michigan hasn't had too many cornerbacks like this in the past! Think Jai Eugene (sorry to bring it up again) with less bulk and top end speed, but a lot more polish.

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