Tex. JR RB Sam McGuffie: Michigan connections

How many kids can boast about 3200 yards rushing, 44 touchdowns and holding the Houston-area single season rushing record? Only one, but he doesn't. Boast that is. Instead, Texas running back Sam McGuffie, continues to work hard and remain humble. And he's got Michigan fans in his family!

Houston Cy-Fair's Sam McGuffie is currently 5-10.5 and weighed in at 191 pounds at the Oklahoma junior day. Although many people compare Sam to last year's Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops compares him to Tim Dwight.

McGuffie consistently runs a 4.30 40 yard dash and has shown the ability to literally leap over people in his way. "My strengths are my speed, quickness, being elusive, and my vision – basically a playmaker. I want to improve on being more powerful and run through tackles. Basically, I want to be playing like a man among boys." What makes McGuffie so humble, is his constant praise of his O-line. "I mean it'd be great to break my own records, but it's not about me. It's about the offensive line. I just want to have a good team and help my team go as far as we can."

According to Sam, his father's side of the family are all big Michigan fans. "I grew up with my dad being a big Michigan fan and the whole ‘Go Blue' thing. My dad had a Michigan sweatshirt on today. I love Michigan and I've got family up there."

There was a little confusion that was cleared up yesterday (Monday) by Michigan running back coach Fred Jackson regarding an offer for McGuffie. "I spoke with Coach Jackson yesterday to find out if Michigan was going to offer me and he said, ‘Sam what are you talking about? I already offered you like a month ago. I'm the running backs coach and I want you so I offered you.'" Sam further commented on his relationship with Coach Jackson. "I like coach Jackson. He's a veteran who has coached a lot of big time running backs up in Michigan that went on to the league [NFL]. He just knows what he's doing."

Sam extrapolated on what else interests him about Michigan. "I mean Michigan seats over one-hundred thousand people and they have tons of fan support. It's just a great atmosphere and tradition… with a great fan base and support."

Major factors for Sam's choice of school will be the overall fan support and atmosphere. "I am really looking for team spirit and overall atmosphere at a college – like the feeling you get on game days. I also want to go to a school with strong academics, coaching, basically just the whole package."

Sam currently has seven offers from Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kansas St., Georgia Tech, and Michigan. Although he maintains that he is wide open, he admits that there are a few schools that stand out, "Oklahoma, Michigan and… Georgia Tech and Florida has been calling me lately so Florida."

Sam has plans to attend a Michigan Junior day and go to the Michigan Camp this summer "just to hang out and chill with the kids" (GBW note: watch for McGuffie's friend J.B. Shugarts to be up in A2 at the same time).

When asked about his decision time-table, Sam quickly replied, "It will definitely be before my first game next year…definitely."

So is Michigan a possibility to be the school that lands your commitment?

"Michigan has a good chance…"

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