Kickers, Navarre, Edwards and more

Michigan defeats Washington in one of the best games ever played in the "Big House". Here are my Random Thoughts on the game.

Random thoughts from the Student Section.....

The Amazing Finish:

As painful as watching Michigan miss those kicks was, getting knocked off my bench (cutting my elbow and bonking my head in the process) after Brabbs' game winner was even worse.

That was the longest that I have ever stayed in the stadium after a game... my elbow wanted medical attention, but my heart just wanted to sing the victors one more time.

The kicking game:

Michigan's kickers lack two things... experience and a scholarship player. When you dont have that at this level, you are going to have problems.

It was great for Brabbs (native of my hometown Midland, MI) to get that winner, but I expect this to be a continuing problem for the Wolverines this season.

John Navarre: a.k.a. the best lead blocking QB in team history

His numbers looked good, and he kept the team poised down the stretch to earn what might be his biggest win of his young career.

Yes, he made some bad throws, but his mobility in the pocket was much improved.

His completion percentage would have been outstanding if not for a number of drops. He is not going to get enough credit for winning this football game.

Wide Receivers:

Braylon Edwards, who Lloyd Carr loves comparing to David Terrell, made a great catch for a TD early on. Tyrece Butler picked up a couple key first downs and bailed out Edwards after his *fumble* on the final drive.

Bellamy dropped too many balls for my liking. He had the most time on the field, but I expect Edwards and Butler to pass him on the depth charge before the year is over.


Chris Perry's first run caught me completely by surprise. He looks healthy, and he's running strong. B.J. Askew may be the best fullback in the country. I love watching him hurdle his huge frame over people in the secondary. He did drop more than his share of balls though.

CB Marlin Jackson:

I can't say enough about Jackson. He made 4 or 5 excellent plays. He totally shut down one of the best receivers in the nation one-on-one -- all with a bad knee. I'm getting a #3 jersey because Jackson is the real deal.


Michigan completely shut down the run... until Alexis broke one down the left sideline in the second half. But I was disappointed in the pass defense (save Jackson). Very little pressure was put on Pickett and even without his No. 1 option, the junior managed to rack up more than 300 yards and nearly win a big game on the road.


Setting up College Game Day on the field but opposite the student section was horrible and wrong. I showed up at 9:15 to see them and scream behind them, but their positioning prevented that.

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