N.J. Ath. Brandon Smith – Junior Day?

One of the top prospects is New Brunswick high school athlete Brandon Smith. Smith is 6-feet-3, 205 pounds and runs a 4.5 40 yard dash. And he's planning on visiting Michigan -- the question is, when?

New Jersey has been a fertile source of some of the best high school talent in the nation in recent years and this year is no different. One of the top prospects is New Brunswick high school athlete Brandon Smith. Smith is 6-3, 205 pounds and runs an approximate 4.5 40 yard dash. Smith's athleticism and playmaking abilities are utilized on both sides of the ball where he plays quarterback on offense, safety on defense, and he also returns punts.

When GoBlueWolverine asked what position he wants to play in college, Smith responded, "I'll play whatever position that will get me on the field the fastest." After a little persuasion however, Brandon said that if he did have a choice to play any position that he'd like to play safety. Smith describes himself as a hard-nosed safety who loves to put a hit on the ball carrier, especially receivers, but he also is opportunistic. Last season, Smith registered over 60 tackles and 9 interceptions on defense and offensively he passed for 1052 yards and rushed for over 500 yards. Next season, Smith would like to improve on those marks, "I'd like to have double-digit interceptions on defense and I'd like to throw for over 1500 yards."

Brandon broke down his game a little for GBW and the players that most influence his playing style. "I love taking out receivers and just running through people. I really like [NFL pro-bowler and Pittsburg Steeler safety] Troy Polamalu for his versatility since he can play a linebacker type position as well. I also love the way that [NFL pro-bowler and Baltimore Raven safety] Ed Reed plays in coverage and the way that [NFL pro-bowler and Philadelphia Eagle safety] Brian Dawkins can tackle everything. I have good field vision at safety and I'm a sure-tackler. I'm also good at reading passes and receivers especially. I'd like to improve on my speed and strength all though my strength is not bad."

So given that GBW is covering this New Jersey prospect, it must me that he has some interest in Michigan. "Yeah, I have big interest in Michigan. As a school, it's just a dream to me that Michigan would come into Jersey and check me out. I've been a fan ever since [Charles] Woodson was there."

What do you like about Michigan? "I like their defensive style and the schemes they use. I like how their safeties play and Michigan is a great academic school."

Brandon will be looking at a school that has a great criminal justice program and has strong coaching at his position. Brandon intends to visit a few different school over the next few months as well. "I spoke with Michigan about coming to their junior day, but they said that it would be better to come to their summer camp. I'm pretty sure that I will be going to their summer camp."

Brandon would like to take his time and make the best decision. Brandon also mentioned that Michigan was one of the hardest schools recruiting him. As for a top group of schools for Brandon, he said, "Rutgers because they're close, Virginia because of their academics, and I've always been interested in going to Michigan."

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