Michigan Offers Second Butler High DB

Butler High (Matthews, NC) CB/S Robert Blanton has already been recognized by college coaches and scouts as one of the top defensive backs in his class. However, according to his coach at Butler high, Mike Newsome, Blanton may not even be the best DB on his own team. The Wolverines offered Blanton long ago, but they've also set their sights on his talented teammate as well.

Robert Blanton turned a lot of heads at the various camps and combines he attended over the past year, and impressed a number of talent evaluators while doing so.  As someone that sees him everyday, talk about what you think makes him a special talent.

Coach Newsome: "Robert can be a corner or a safety.  In our defense, he rotates around back there and plays some safety and some corner according to what the offense gives us.  Robert is All-State and a lot of people talk about him being one of the best DBs in the country.  He has about 15 big time division I scholarship offers already.  I feel like that would put him near the tops in the country.  He has just got an ability to play football.  He has all of the physical characteristics to play, and on top of that he has got a part of football that you just can't coach.  He has a tenacity about him that you want football players to have.

He definitely seems to have a real confidence and swagger about him.

Coach Newsome: "There's no doubt.  Since he came here as a ninth grader, he has told some of the guys…we've got Jamar Adams that plays at Michigan, we've got several kids that are playing big time division I football, and he has always told those kids since the beginning that he was going to be better than them.  He challenges them every time they come to town to go out and run routes against him.  He definitely has got the confidence and the thing about him is that it's not cockiness because he can generally back up what he says."

Michigan recently offered your one of your other DB's, Spencer Adams, a scholarship.  Some scouts have said that he is every bit the prospect that Blanton is…maybe even better.

Coach Newsome: "Robert has a few more scholarship offers than Spencer does, but he is really catching up with him.  Clemson called the other day and they offered Spencer, but they didn't offer Robert.  The thing about Spencer is, potentially, he is the best football player out of all of the  kids we've got.  He is taller and bigger than Robert at 6-3 and about 185 pounds. He's faster than Robert.  He is also stronger than Robert.  The only thing that he doesn't have is that uncoachable thing that I talked about with Robert.  Spencer has got it, but it's just not as strong as what Robert has.  Spencer has all of the athletic tools and he is a great football player.  One thing that he does have that I haven't seen any of our other kids have is his ability to cover the whole field in a matter of seconds.  He is really long legged.  He is top five in the country in the 55 meter hurdles.  That just shows his athletic ability.  The way he can cover the field… it's hard for a high school player to do."

Is he definitely a safety or he like Robert in that he can play corner as well?

Coach Newsome: "In our defense he has to play both.  We have to move our kids around, but he's a kid that primarily stays at safety for us.  With the range that he has it would be hard for a coach to move him to corner.  This kid can sit in the middle of the field and a quarterback can throw a fade route…and generally Spencer can get there.  He is fast enough to sit back deep but still play the run.  He can stay back and play the pass, but he also has the explosion and the quickness to get up and play the run too."

How would these two kids stack up to Jamar at the same stage of his career?

Coach Newsome: "Jamar was a smart player.  There are none of them that compare to Spencer athletically…Robert or Jamar.  Athletically, Spencer is one of the best kids we've ever had come to this school.  As far as playing ability, I think that Robert and Spencer are both ahead of where Jamar was going into his senior year.  Jamar was a great player for us here and he ahs been a good player for Michigan, but potentially, these kids here could be better."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Robert Blanton and Spencer Adams ion the months to come.

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