Udoh Squashes Transfer Rumors

Rumors about the possible transfer of Michigan freshman center Ekpe Udoh have flying around Ann Arbor in recent weeks. GoBlueWolverine spoke to the talented youngster recently and he insisted that all of the talk was much ado about nothing.

When you ask Ekpe Udoh questions about the recent transfer rumors that have been swirling about him, you may very well see the youngster get visibly upset.  When GoBlueWolverine asked him if he was planning to leave Ann arbor, the 6-10 freshman gave an emphatic "NO!"

After Saturday's victory over Indiana, the Edmund, Okla., native detailed how this non-story became a story so quickly.  As it turns out, this all started on a radio station in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Oklahoma State’s 6-5 freshman guard, Obi Muonelo was being interviewed and he was posed a question about whom he would most like to play with. The name he mentioned was none other than Ekpe Udoh.  The two youngsters played side by side at Santa Fe High and just happen to be best friends that still keep in touch quite often.

After that interview rumors began to spread like wild fire that Udoh might be planning to leave Michigan…, possibly for Oklahoma State or maybe even for some other school. There were even calls made to Udoh's mother concerning these so-called plans.  "She told me everyone wanted to know what was going on," Udoh recalled.  "She said, 'you know a bunch of people have been calling here wanting to know are you transferring.' "

Udoh isn't particularly happy about having to discuss the rumors, but he hopes that by doing so he can put them to rest once and for all.

“I'm happy where I'm at and I'm enjoying myself," he said.  "If I was going to transfer, I would not be wasting my time working hard to help our team.  I have a good solid base here at Michigan, a great extended family, and everything is good here.  This is where I want to be… right here at the University of Michigan." 

So henceforth and forever more, Udoh has asked for a moratorium on the transfer talk. “Don’t even ask me," he said laughing.  "I really am tired of hearing about it. I am not going anywhere. Michigan is where I want to be."

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