Wed. - Final Day for GBW Recruiting Yearbook!

Wednesday is the final deadline for Signing Up for the GoBlueWolverine's Michigan Recruiting Yearbook issue! You don't want to miss this "Best Issue of the Year" for Michigan recruiting fans! How do you go about signing up? Read on!

The GoBlueWolverine Michigan Recruiting Yearbook issue is just being finished up by Sam Webb and Company! Read stories on Ryan Mallett, Donovan Warren, Martell Webb, Ryan Van Bergen and all the rest of the 2007 Michigan Wolverine signees!

There will be lots of National Recruiting Stories as well!

But, in order to sign up in time to get this great issue, the deadline is Wednesday night at Midnight!

So, what do you have to do to sign up?

If you already get the GoBlueWolverine Magazine -- nothing! You're all set!

If you do NOT currently get the magazine as part of your subscription, you must sign up for one of the following:

The Annual Pass for $99.95 - to get a full year of the whole network, plus the GoBlueWolverine Magazine -- PLUS a year of Sports Illustrated!

The Three-Month Pass for $29.99 - to get 3 months of the whole network, plus the GoBlueWolverine Magazine.

The GoBlueWolveirne Magazine on its own - $39.95 for a year.

DON'T FORGET -- the deadline in order to get GoBlueWolverine's Michigan Recruiting Yearbook is midnight WEDNESDAY!

Don't wait any longer!

To subscribe, CLICK HERE.

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